Siberia - immediately we think of bitterly cold, long winters, of Tundra and Taiga and their versatile plants and wildlife. With its 38 million inhabitants, Siberia is only sparsely populated, endless steppe unfold before our eyes, however, it reflects a unique beauty. Let's go on a short trip into this secluded part of the world and participate in the adventures God has prepared for some of us.

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From Russia's Far East

Our HELP ministry has set itself the task to set up a pioneer ministry in the Republic of Buryatia. This most far Eastern part of Russia there is a center of Buddhism and Shamanism. A 5-meter-high Lenin granite head stands on a market place and shapes the cityscape.

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Last year we sent out a Mongolian family to this part of Russia. They decided to serve God in that spiritually difficult region proclaiming and demonstrating the Good News of Jesus Christ. We want to know first-hand what made our friends lay down their lives for God and what they have done so far:

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Good News ... from Germany

Gott hat mich mit meiner Familie nach Sibirien gerufen. Ich bete viel für dieses Land, dass die Gemeinde in Sibirien aufsteht und das Reich Gottes anbricht. Die Menschen sollen frei werden von Bindungen und den wahren Gott anbeten. Dafür brennt mein Herz.« (N.)

»Many years ago, I came from the countryside to Ulaanbataar. I was hopeless, completely devastated and very depressed. I was kind of a Buddhist, followed certain rituals and even worked in the temple. Also I had health problems.

When an outreach team from Germany came, they shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with me. At that point I knew that I lacked something. I went to the service I was invited to with my handicapped son. Normally he suffered from epileptic seizures, but this time he was very quiet and slept peaceful in my arms. I realized that God was there. That night I gave my life to Jesus.
Shortly after I got healed of Hepatitis C – in a Christian meeting I received deliverance. I went to the doctor to have my blood checked and the results were very good – the healing was confirmed by a doctor. I am very thankful for all what God has done for me.

God has called me and my family to Siberia. I have prayed a lot for this nation, for the church in Siberia to rise up and the kingdom of God to break forth. My heart burns to see the people to be set free from bondage and starting to worship the only true God.« (N.)

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Free indeed

Gott hat mich in die Mission gerufen. Jetzt lebe ich in Sibirien und lerne erst einmal Russisch, denn ich möchte sie schnell wie möglich mit den Menschen sprechen können und ihnen die Gute Nachricht erzählen.« (P.)

»I still remember the day I gave my life to Jesus – it was February 14, 2006. That's when my whole life started to change. Within one week I was free from smoking and after 10 days from consuming alcohol. Since then I haven't smoked ore gotten drunk. The strong headache I used to have, disappeared after my conversion, and since I need not to take pills against this headache anymore. Before my conversion I used to be very sad. There was no joy, I never laughed. Since I have met Jesus, I have become a very cheerful person. My friends even recognized my white teeth which they never saw before. Today, I like to talk to people and want to encourage them which I never did before.

God has called me to missions. Now I have been in Siberia for some time, where I first want to learn to speak Russian, because I want to be able to talk to people about Jesus and share the Good News as soon as possible.
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