»Let’s go to Thailand to the HELP International staff conference 2018!« This was the slogan for some of our leaders and staff members at the end of January. Some of our Mongolian participants flew by plane for the very first time in their lives, left their home country for the very first time and even saw the ocean for the first time.

Eight days later, full with new impressions, new inspiration and clear alignment they all came back home again.

Outreach to Pattaya – worship and evangelism join hands

During this conference we did an outreach to the largest red-light district of the world – Pattaya City. For our staff members it was the first time to be confronted with human trafficking of this size. It was a big challenge for all of us. That night, two teams were working hand in hand: While one stayed praying and worshipping in the prayer room located right in the red-light district, the other split in small groups and went to the streets.

Jesus du bist der Hammer 03

Word of knowledge

»Go down the street, turn to the sea front and look for a woman in black.« According to this word we went off. It wasn’t that easy – but seek and you shall find – we met that young lady, a street vendor, sitting in a wheelchair. In spite of language barriers we could pray with her. On our way back we saw her reading our flyers. Two other members of another groups could pray with her – and a third group with Thai translation led her to Jesus that very night.

Jesus du bist der Hammer 04

From hopelessness to new life

This woman told us: »I was palnning on committing suicide very soon. I got severely injured in a car accident and since have been sitting in a wheelchair!« We were looking for Jesus and because of this the lady found new life. Isn’t that wonderful? In his unconditional love Jesus is surprising us again and again. How encouraging – Holy Spirit is moving beyond all language barriers. Jesus, you are awesome!

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