At our weekly event for the homeless, they are provided with clean clothes, a shower and a meal. Often, God will meet these needy people in special ways revealing more of His heart to all of us. Other situations confront us with needs we cannot meet on a human level. At such times, it is good to remember: God is the same even then – faithful, loving and powerful!

Hoehen Tiefen 03

God speaks to me

The other day, one of the guests came up to me to tell me something important. He made sure to find a quiet spot, so his story could be received with due attention:
»When I first decided to follow Jesus, you told me, that I would now be able to hear His voice. I really wanted to, but it didn't happen for a long time. Yesterday, when I was at home, cleaning the dishes« …Oh, I thought, he has a place to stay, where he can even cook! Good! … »I suddenly saw a bright light coming to me. Then came two statements from a voice: ›Until now, you have listened to people. From now on, you shall listen to me!‹ I know, that was Jesus speaking!« The old man was radiant with joy and awe, still overwhelmed with the fact that the living God had spoken to him. If I had been doubtful of the story, his expression would have persuaded me otherwise. Together we looked at scripture that confirmed his vision to be in line with God's heart. But it was not the vision but rather the encounter itself that had made the greatest impact. »God sees me! He speaks to me!« he repeated over and over. What a loving God we serve!

Hoehen Tiefen 04

Run over

I was still pondering on this encounter an hour later, when everyone had gone and we cleaned up the place. One of the guests came rushing back: »There has been an accident! Please come and help!« I went to the nearby scene, bracing myself for something terrible. But the man - one of our guests - was already standing to his feet, leaning onto some concrete block. Coming closer, I noticed his pale face. »What happened?« He had been run over by a bicycle, got back up and let the offender leave, as he had thought to be okay. After a minute the shock had worn off and pain hit his hip: He could not put his foot down. His friend and I took him to a hospital.

Hoehen Tiefen 05

The only Hope

»Complicated fracture of the hip joint. It will have to be replaced.« Looking from the X-ray to the patient's yellow skin complexion, the doctor said: »But we would have to check you for other diseases first. You may have hepatitis.« A few questions revealed, that the injured man had no insurance or any means of payment. »The surgery alone would be at least 80,000 RMB (approx. 12,000 US$).« A policeman we called, looked at the facts and gave us no hope for finding the cyclist. Left alone in the busy ER, we prayed. There was nothing else I could do. The help needed was beyond my range of action. The man was kindly given permission to spend the night on the strecher. So I left him there with his friend. I went home with a heavy heart, when God reminded me, that he was the same for this man as for the other, who had heard his voice. »I leave him with you then, Lord«, I prayed - putting my hope in the loving God.
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