No matter how and in what way God's word comes to us - if read out, preached on or spoken to us - it has power, for it is power itself! It deals with issues in our life that no human being, no sermon or any method could do. And the power of God's word is applicable in everyday life ...


Meet John, a homeless man with a brain tumor, whom we helped to get basic financial support from the government. He can now afford his daily meals. Our helper Z. has taken him into his room recently and both are discovering happiness and challenges of room-mate fellowship. Also, they both help at our center for homeless people, were we give out clothes and food to those in need.

Gottes Wort 05

When God speaks

Lately, the four of us met for worship and bible study. John, who is nearly blind and uses an audio bible, immediately started to share an urgent message from his heart: »Last night, I listened to the letter of James. I couldn’t put it down and listened for five hours. It deeply convicted me.« While he spoke, tears were streaming down his face and God’s presence filled the room. »I suddenly realized that I cannot take the good clothes for myself and then give out the shabbier ones to the others. This is so selfish! I have done that many times and even tucked away some nice things, so the others wouldn’t claim them.« As John poured out his heart, confessing other acts of selfishness, all of us felt the holiness of this momentum. Our worship that day flowed freely with John and Z. singing their praise and devotion in new songs like never before. The newly baptized H. (still homeless) was completely drawn in.

Gottes Wort 03

Do, what God says

The next day, H. came to the center, but would not step inside. He waited for an old homeless man who had no admission ticket and gave him his own. When I smiled at H., he said: »Yesterday, God taught me not to be selfish.« He had a sincere desire to obey God’s word. I let him come in anyway – to help. He is now part of the team with Z. and John.

Gottes Wort 06

New Perspective

With much motivation, the three of them have just started a breakfast hand out for the homeless during the cold winter months. And H. is thinking of finding a regular job. He read this scripture that convicted him ...
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