The Silk Road – a trade route between China, the Orient and Europe, that was established more than a thousand yeras ago. The traders brought the different cultural and religious influences from the nations into China. In this way Islam gained a foothold especially in the Northern region.
Together with a team from the REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move* we travelled along a Northern branch of the Silk Road. Happily cramped into Asian style compartments with the locals, we took our guitar and lifted up the name of Jesus in worship and prayer and blessed the land with his presence. Along the road we stopped at a few important cities, where we did the same in public places and Muslim districts.

Mehmet 03

Do you speak English?

The journey started in Urumqi - a city of more than 2 million people. The Uighurs live here, a Muslim minority. I arrived early to make preparations for the trip. While I stood in line for hours to buy tickets, God knew how to make use of the wait: A young Uighur approached me to practice his English. For a long time we had complete freedom to talk in English about my faith in Jesus, the Saviour, forgivness, the Father love of God. All of this was new to the young Muslim. He asked to keep connected via internet.

Mehmet 04


Before the journey, I had prayed for one homeless man, Mehmet. This Muslim Uighur used to live in the streets of our Southern mega city. At our care centre he had become a believer in Jesus Christ. A few years ago he went back to Urumqi. So arriving in that city I prayed: »God, if Mehmet is here and you have something for him, help us to meet him!« And sure enough, the second day we saw him looking through some litter bins in a busy place. We were so happy, that God would have us find him like that in such a big city! As we talked, I saw a huge cross dangling from his neck. In a Muslim environment, this was a very real statement.

Mehmet 10

Just when our RSotM team was at the train station to leave, we found him again. He was deeply touched by the presence of God, as we prayed for and blessed him.
God cares for the one! Mehmet may seem a very unimportant person to the people around him, but he matters in God's kingdom and the King made sure, Mehmet knows it!

Mehmet 08

God is longing for the lost!

The Uighurs continued to move our hearts. Their faces displayed the resignation and hopelessness of their souls. The city was under even tighter security rules these days because the memorial day of a bloody attack was coming up. Still we were able to worship in several public places and lift up the saving power of the cross. At the site of the sad incidence we spent a time of intercession and proclamation. Very strongly we sensed God's longing for the Uighur people group. Only He can overcome the deep seperation between them and the Han Chinese!

Mehmet 06

»Why is my heart so moved by your music?«

Traveling from Urumqi to the next city in a 20-hour-train-trip, we were fascinated by the impressive desert-like landscape. In worship and prayer we expressed God's Father love and His deep compassion over the land and its people. After such a worship time, one of the Uighur women around us asked: »Why is my heart so moved by your music? There is something different about it!« Her sister felt the same. But when I started to talk about Jesus, they quickly changed the subject. In the city I had already noticed the fearful rejection, that such talk would cause. Yet a song of blessing, a prophetic word, a little gift, all of this could be brought to them by our team's women. God has put the seed of love into their hearts ... and his love for the Uighurs into ours!

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*If you want to know more about the REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move, please click here! Next year we have the opportunity to do the 3rd term of the RSotM in China, incl. another worship train trip. You are welcome to join us!
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