What a huge nation - 1.5 billion people and rising - so many needs ... and then there is always the individual. This nation is always good for surprises ...

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No ticket

»I only want to wash my hands!« The man was in his early 30s and stood in front of me with a stern and provocing gesture. A few steps behind him came one of our helpers who was watching the entrance and said: »He doesn't have any ticket!« The room was croweded with 60 men waiting for warm clothes, a shower and something to eat, and he took one of the precious seats. I decided to pay attention to more important things and let him for the moment. Once most of the guests left and peace came into the room, I went to sit beside him and talked with him. It was only moments later that I came to realize that he was the stern guy without the ticket. While talking to him I found out that he had a small business, a place to live and wasn't interested at all in the offers of our center. Was this man in the wrong place?

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»I am also a Christian. I am going to church ...« While he continued to talk I saw in my mind's eya a word written over him: fatherless. I said to him, »God knows that you lost your father when you were very young. He is here to comfort you and to pour his Father love on you.« I continued to speak the Father love of God over him prophetically. He started to weep, put his head on the table, covered his face in his hands. After I prayed for him, I invited him to give his life to Jesus. He spoke a prayer of repentance and submission to his Savior after me. Deeply moved he opened up and told me about his life as an orphan. When he left, I remembered that I almost threw him out ... However, God had opened the door wide for him!
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