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Taking the legacy
– hearing from spiritual mothers and fathers who have walked before us and honor what they carry and for what they have lived. At the same time we are taking the torch as next generation, rising up and standing in the gap for our nations. It is time – especially for Asia to grasp the inheritance that we have in missions, making it ours and to GO with it.


This will be the heartbeat of the ASIA Conference: gathering together, seeking God and receiving His fire and heart for the nations! We believe that God wants to bring forth a new global missions movement and we want to be ready! Come and join us in Thailand and from there to the ends of the earth.


Conference Dates: Feb. 29 - Mar. 3,  2024

Venue: Hilton Pattaya Hotel (Beach Rd.) in Pattaya (Thailand)

Conference language: English

US$ 120 for Westeners (i.e. Amaricans and Europeans) and for attendees from Japan, Singapur, Hong-Kong, South Korea, Malaysia
US$ 25 for participants from developing and emerging nations
Flights, board and lodging as well as transportation are not included in above fees and have to be calculated, organised and booked separately and independently by every participant.

Important Infos

You have to book your accommodation yourself. We recommend a location close to the Hilton Hotel (venua). Pattaya is a huge red light district, thus we highly encourage you and recommend to check the recommendations carefully and to make sure that you are staying at a safe place!

Book your flight to Bangkok and take a shuttle/taxi from there to Pattaya. You need around 3h to get from Bangkok to Pattaya. Many hotels offer a shuttle for a fee from the airport. Furthermore, busses/taxis are also available at the airport. Check the internet for information and guidance.

On this website you can check whether and what visa you need and how to apply for it: https://www.thaievisa.go.th/
Please take care of all required documents and inform yourself thoroughly at the local embassies/websites. Also be aware that we are not issuing invitation letters. Your confirmation eMail with the ticket will state the dates and conference venue, which can be used for any official account.

You need to take care of your own food. Close to the conference venue is a shopping mall with a big food court and restaurants where you can get affordable meals during the break times.

Minimum Age for Participation
16 years (minors only in company of an adult)

Please note that we do NOT provide any children's program!



Jackie rundJackie Pullinger-To
Having only 10 Pounds Sterling in her pocket, Jackie set foot on Hong Kong in 1966 ... and got lost in the former "Walled City", the home of triades, drug dens, brothels, poor and needy people. She longed to minister to these people with the love of God, however, very quickly she reached her own boundaries. She was desperate for power. A simple Chinese couple introduced her to the Holy Spirit and taught her that He is power ... Since, she has ministered to the people in Hong Kong and beyond in the power of the Holy Spirit. Her biography "Chasing the Dragon" tells where this journey has led her.
We have been friends with Jackie Pullinger-To since the mid-80s. She has taught us to live, walk and minister in the gifts of the Spirit.

Jerome rundPs. Jerome Ocampo

He is the senior pastor and founder of "Jesus' Flock Gateway Church" in the Philippines as well as the founder of the "Jesus Revolution Now" movement from which UPRISING (United Prayer Rising) has derived - a global movment among young people. Pastor Jerome is teaching and training young people what it means to respond to the Nazerite Call. Many young leaders have come forth from this movement.
Ps. Jerome Ocampo and HELP International have a common history: Both "Jesus' FLock" and "HELP Philippines" started their ministries almost the same time - and together we have been advancing God's kingdom in the Philippines and beyond.

Mel rundMel Tari

Everyone who is diving into revival will sooner or later come across the book "Like a Mighty Wind" - the story of the revival on the island of Timor (Indonesia). From day one, Mel Tari has been an eyewitness of this revival, and he is carrying its spirit to the nations and into the body of Christ to this day. Millions have heard the Good News of Jesus Christ, have found faith in Jesus, got baptized with the Holy Spirit and have become ambassadors of God's love and power.
It was during a boat trip in Mozambique that God connected Mel Tari and Walter Heidenreich ... what an impacting encounter.

Steve rundSteve Goode

He and his wife would have never dreamt of how their ministry would impact the poor and oppressed over decades. They served God and ministered to people in refugee camps and war zones and lived through personal times of sickness and crisis. As long-term leaders in Youth With a Mission, Steve and his wife have taken every effort to work against human trafficking in Asia and beyond. They brought God's love to thousands and with that healing and hope, and they are an inspiration to many to do the same.
Steve Goode has opened doors to HELP International into Thailand. We are connected in friendship and a passion for people.

Walter rundWalter Heidenreich
He is the founder of HELP International as well as initiator of all present ministry branches. In the early 80s, when Walter and Irene Heidenreich were still the leaders of FCJG Lüdenscheid, God introduced world mission to the community in Lüdenscheid, followed by a missions trip of six weeks with 26 people. A new world opened up before them - literally ... and in 1988, the first team was sent to the nations - to Vienna (Austria). Teams going to Asia followed in the 90s. In 1994, HELP International was founded and in the early 2000s, a team set out to the USA. Over all these years, Walter has been travelling as evangelist and missionary, as motivator and influencer throughout the nations. Through him, thousands have come to faith in Jesus Christ, new ministry branches have opened, we did missions conferences and Walter passionately and unceasingly has called young Christians to follow God's call to go to the nations.
Walter is a well-known and internationally credited man of God who is ministering to the body of Christ and the lost throughout the nations in the power of the Holy Spirit with following signs and miracles ... and this exceeds the ministry branches of HELP International by far.

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