A Nation for God
"Walk the whole land!" And that's exactly what we did: We went to all aimags (provinces) of Mongolia praying and worshiping. From 1995 to 1997, approx. 1,057 missionaries went to Mongolia to walk the land alongside us. They wanted to shar in the commission God had given us. We have seen many signs and miracles. We have also seen and experienced hardship: one missionary lost her life, others got arrested or suffered persecusion. Both goes alongside each other. However, above all we have seen the Father heart of God over Mongolia and the Mongols. God has a plan and he has called this nation. In the past 30 years, we had the privilege to share in this ... but God is not yet done with Mongolia ...

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We have compiled a few of God's milestones with us in Mongolia:


Pioneer outreach to Mongolia: God used a teenager to speak to Walter Heidenreich. Walter had a dream in which he was speaking to people he as never seen before. A missionary from Hong Kong came to visit with Walter and showed him photos from his outreaches - one of the photos dropped to the floor. Walter recognized the people from his dream - it was Mongols. Thus, a team went to Mongolia, and the team entered the country in Bayan Ulgii (in the west of Mongolia, a mostly Muslim region). The people didn't know anything about Jesus and who is is, but hundreds gave their lives to him. Two outreach particiapants stayed in Mongolia after this outreach to follow up on the new converts - more people from Lüdenscheid followed to support them.

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We got kicked out from Bayan Ulgi and started to set up a ministry in the capital city of Mongolia - Ulaanbaatar.

1995 and1996

We hosted GET READY congresses in Lüdenscheid and in Switzerland. The headline read "Into the harvest alongside the Holy Spirit" - 1,000 missionaries to Mongolia. Between 1995 and 1997, approx. 1,057 missionaries (some short- others long-term) were sent to Mongolia. They walked the land. During these years, some 33,000 people have given their lives to Jesus (the overall population in Mongolia is only 4 mio.). Soon we started to set up ministries among homeless, children, in prisons. Furthermore, we started an alcohol rehab and established a church movment (Transformation Mongolia).

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One of FCJG's worship groups went to Mongolia and did a concert for Jesus in the Gobi Desert - no audience. Alongside the band also were: Walter Heidenreich (who had the vision for this concert), Beth Alves, Tommi Femrite and Jean Krisle. After three days of driving through the Gobi Desert, they finally found the right spot. When returning from the desert, God spoke to them, "Because you have done this, I will give you the youth of Mongolia." An increasing number of young people gave their lives to Jesus in Mongolia! Also, this concert was the kick-off for the birth of Tengerin Doo.

Over the years, we hosted bis missions conferences, youth and worship events in Mongolia to which hundreds and sometimes even thousands came. Inumerous healings happened and to this day tens of thousands of Mongols have given their lives to Jesus through the testimonies of HELP missionaries and outreach participants.

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A ministry in Henti was born. It also was the birth of a church - the "Jesus Family".

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We set foot again into Bayan Ulgi and established a Christian community as well as a carpenter's shop. Many Kazakh people (mostly Muslims) hear the gospel and encounter Jesus.

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Time and again, the Holy Spirit has come with his wind and stir us up. Of course, this made an impact on us and it bore consequences. Thus over the years we have gone through various changes. New missionariescame to follow their calls to Mongolia, long-term missionaries took on new responsibilities in the community or in other mission branches. To this day, we are having communities in Ulaanbaatar, Henti and Bayan Ulgi, and we do what we have always done: We preach and demonstrate the kingdom of God in power! People are getting saved, healed, delivered and they become messengers and witnesses of God's love and power.

God has done great and marvelous things, and as HELP community we have the privilege of shaing in the works of God in this beautiful nation. When we came in 1992, hardly anyone knew the name of Jesus - today you find a strong Mongolian church. Thank you, Jesus!

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