For the creation waits in eager expectation
for the children of God to be revealed.

The Bible in Romas 8:19 (NIV)

Mission is meant for today!

HELP International, Inc. presently has mission bases in Europe, Asia and in the USA. We are sharing our lives in communities, go to the streets to evangelize, serve people in need (mercy ministries), set up rehab centers as well as houses where we take in street kids, establish shelters where people can stay overnight and do international outreaches. If missions is on your heart then the REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move is the right place for you!

10 months, 3 nations, millions of people

There are millions of people literally waiting »in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed« and to preach the Gospel message to them in power, which means through signs, miracles, healings, etc. That's the reason why we have started the REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move! We are kicking off with a training sequence in Lüdenscheid, where you join the FCJG family and get to know our DNA; through teaching we are laying spiritual foundation to build on, and you have the opportunity to immediately activate what you learnt in everyday's community life as well as during street and prayer outreaches.
Following this you are going to two foreign nations - three months each - where you become part of the international HELP family, share your life with those in our international communities and where you demonstrate alongside with our teams the power of God in word and deed. You may select which nations you are going to, e.g. you may choose the Thailand-Texas-package or the Mongolia-Philippines-package or else ... Find all information, facts and an application here ...



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