»Do not say you are too young.« That's what God said to Jeremiah, and he is saying the same to you today: You are NOT too young!


If you are between ages 14 and 22, we want to take you along to the nations. You will give testimony of what God is doing in your life. You will preach the gospel. When you lay hands on the sick, it will be better with them. You will set the captives free. You will bring Jesus and new hope to the hopeless. You have a destiny and a calling and you will see: God will work powerfully through you! That's God.venture!

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We are going to the ends of the earth - to Mongolia. For the part 30 years, we have had a HELP team in this exciting and beautiful country. You will make hands-on missions experience of what life and culture are like in an Asian nation. You meet Mongolian teenagers in Ulaanbaatar (capital city of Mongolia) and Henti (province city approx. 4 hours from Ulaanbaatar). We'll live together, get to know one another, worship together and spend time wiht God, and this will be the dynamic by which we are going to run camps for kids and young people in Ulaanbaatar and Henti. Furthermore, we will do evangelism in a village close to Henti. To wrap it up ... you are going to live the life of a missionary in Mongolia.

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Facts & Prep

Outreach: July 13- 29, 2023 (incl. Prep Weekend in Lüdenscheid)
14 to 22 year olds
Expenses: 1,700 EUR (incl. flights from Germany and stay in Mongolia)

Before taking off to Mongolia, we get together for a prep weekend in Lüdenscheid. We live together at the REVIVAL SCHOOL Germany, get to know each other and we'll give you all outreach infos so that you are well equipped for the final GO! HELP is organizing board and lodging as well as transportation in Mongolia. After registering with below form, you will receive an eMail from us!

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For any questions, please contact the outreach office: eMail or on WhatsApp +49 157 32029960

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