Jesus' Great Commission (see Matth. 28:19+20) cannot be stopped, for the Gospel has to be preached everywhere. This is the call and this is our commission as body of Christ. Let's go!

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Outreaches 2021

Actually, we had planned a whole bunch of outreaches for this year. However, due to the pandemic we had to cancel one after the other. Even though we couldn't do on international outreaches this year, we are looking ahead to 2022. God has given us the nations as our inheritance - and not only to us but also to YOU! Despite the present situation, we are planning for outreaches in 2022 - and we'll keep you posted on all developments. For questions or further information, you may call or eMail the HELP office any time!

Furthermore, you are welcome to join training units, REVIVAL WEEKS and outreaches of FCJG/HELP in Germany and Europe.

Vision for Mission

Before doing an outreach, you partake in Vision for Mission. During one of the listed weekends we ware preparing you for nations, culture and people, answer your questions, hand out important information and we take time with God and in His presence.

Everyone can do an outreach - young and old. Get ready for the following:

... living a simply lifestyle during the outreach;
... maybe going only with a backpack, hiking shoes, sleeping bag and a mattress;
... living and working as a team and surrendering to leadership;
... your willingness to let God challenge you.

As we are going in international outreach teams, English is the main team language. You should at least know basic English and be able to communicate.
During Vision for Mission we will tak about this as well as other important topics.

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