When we read in the bible that all creation is yearning for the sons and daughters of God to be revealed (Rom. 8:19), it means that people are yearning to know God. They are waiting for a Christian to tell them who He is and how to get to know HIm. So many have not yet heard the Gospel. The nations are waiting ... for YOU!

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Between February and November 2019 you can choose among 18 outreaches throughout which you can bring the Good News of Jesus to the nations ... and surely: This time will transform your life! Du serve the poor and needy, lay hands on the sick and it will be better with them. You will experience that your prayer will bring change into people's lives and may even change a whole nation. Your worship takes light into places of darkness. You share Jesus with people, thus new life, hope and power will access people's lives who have never heard of Jesus before.

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What do I need?

A willing heart, love to God and people and you need willingness for the following:
- to allow the Holy Spirit to use you
- to live a simple lifestyle for a couple of weeks
- backpack, good hiking boots, sleeping bag, mattress, etc.
- to submit to the local outreach leadership

Due to the fact that we go with international teams on outreach, our team language is usually English. You should be able to understand and speak this langugage - at least basic English. In case you know other languages - great.

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Get ready

In order for you to go on outreach well prepared and well equipped, you have to participate in Vision for Mission, where you get very important information and training as well as spiritual input and prayer. You may choose one of the following weekends in Germany. If you come from a nation where we are based as HELP International, you may particpate in their Vision for Mission preparation:

Vision for Mission 4: July 19 - 21, 2019 (with Walter Heidenreich)

Please note - important: You must participate in Vision for Mission BEFORE going on outreach! Due to the fact that we meet the outreach applicants on these weekends for the first time, we only give a definite answer regarding the outreach participation after Vision for Mission. We kindly ask for your understanding.

Outreach Description

Every nation is different, thus every outreach is different. The following brief outreach descriptions will give you an idea of what we are doing. However, we want to ask and encourage you to be flexible. Other nations, other customs ... We are happy to answer your questions or provide further information if you send us an eMail or call us in the HELP office!

Project AC

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These outreaches demand your feet, for we walk from place to place carrying backpacks. We will walk between 15 km and 20 km per day. There are various levels of difficulty! Every participant in Project AC has to attend Vision for Mission (please read above general information carefully).
Important: We can only mentions the outreach dates here. Please inquire all further information from our HELP office (by eMail or phone):

Project AC: September through November

09/03 - 09/27/2019 (not difficult)
09/08 - 09/28/2019 (not difficult)
09/28 - 10/16/2019 (not difficult)
10/08 - 10/28/2019 (mountain roads)
11/04 - 11/20/2019 (mountain roads)

More outreach dates upon inquiry. For some of above mentioned outreaches we are offering a two-week-participation.
Please inquire in our office!

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