The nations are waiting for you! Between the months of May through November 2018 you have the opportunity to do outreaches with us and to ›breath in mission air‹, preach the Gospel to people in Europe, Asia or the USA, to pray for the sick so they will get healed, feed the hungry, etc. Outreaches like these below have a variety of aspects and focusses. Please read all details in the outreach descriptions further down.

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A willing heart and filled with love for God and people, and you must understand and be able to communicate in English! You should know advanced English as communication otherwise will be difficult.

Vision 4 Mission

When you register for one of below outreaches, you are obliged to attend a »Vision 4 Mission« weekend in Lüdenscheid. Only after your participation you will be informed whether we confirm your application. Each weekend focusses on the following elements: getting to know each other, spiritual inputs, meeting with your outreach team, participation in the other Worship Service and lots of fellowship!
Fees: 55 EUR (board and lodging)

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Information and Applications

Every nation is different, thus each outreach emphasizes something else. Below descriptions give you an overview of what we are doing where. For any questions or further information, please call us or send an eMail to the HELP office. We are happy to help you!



Go East

HELP-FCJG Vienna has a center right in Vienna, where we worship Jesus together at the IHOP Vienna, get great teaching and from where we are going to the streets and do what the Holy Spirit speaks to us, e.g. to worship him in public places, to evangelize, to pray for the sick on the streets, etc. As Vienna is also called the ›Gate to the East‹, we will also go to Austria's neighbouring countries ... Everyone from 18 years onwards is welcome to join us as well as whole families. Come and join us - we are looking forward to welcoming you!

Outreach 1*: May 27 - June 23, 2018
Locations: Vienna, Slovakia, Czech Republic
Expenses: approx. 700 EUR (flight, loding, food) plus pocket money (approx. 150 EUR)

Outreach 2*: August 27 - September 23, 2018
Locations: Jumble sale at HELP-FCJG Vienna and outreach to Bosnia

Outreach 3*: September 2 - 16, 2018
Locations: Nehemia Weeks at the IHOP Vienna, street outreaches to Vienna
*You may also join these outreaches for individual weeks!

Registration for the outreach(es) and for »Vision 4 Mission«

Vienna - the Gateway to the East

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In order to be admitted to this outreach, you have to attend »Vision 4 Mission« from April 13 - 15, 2018 in Lüdenscheid. Only the week after this weekend we will give you definite reply regarding your outreach application. We kindly ask for your understanding!
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