God's heart is burning for YOU! This love works miracles - it starts in your own heart and from there it spreads throughout the earth. Jesus is longing so much for his fire to start and burn in us and his name be magnified.

»I have come to bring fire on the earth. How I wish the fire had already started!«

The Bible in Luke12:49

Burning Hearts means

... burning hearts for Jesus and the Holy Spirit's work
... burning hearts for the body of Christ
... burning hearts for the harvest
... burning hearts for God's kingdom
... burning hearts for the nations, peoples groups, tribes, tongues and people of different skin colour
... burning hearts for prayer
... being fervent in the Spirit!

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Tengerin Doo

When we went to the Gobi Desert many years ago to worship Jesus, a nomad heard the Spirit-filled worship and was deeply touched in his heart. Before going his way, he said to the team, »Tengerin Doo (Sound of Heaven)!« People with burning hearts are worshipers who worship God in the Spirit and in truth. During Burning Hearts Mongolia, we will build a worship altar by means of spontaneous, prophetic, musically powerful but maybe also very quiet worship, as well as by means of dance, arts, etc. The Holy Spirit is going to create a new song throughout these days.

BH Anbetung 04  BH Anbetung 03


Jesus commissioned his disciples after rising from the dead. He gave them power to preach repentance, to heal the sick, to cast out demons, to raise the dead ... all in his name. This commission is also for today - it's for YOU! Get equippd at Burning Hearts Mongolia.

»You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you. Then you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem. You will be my witnesses in all Judea and Samaria. And you will be my witnesses from one end of the earth to the other.«

The Bible in Acts 1:8
Following the conference, each participant is invited to do outreaches with us. We are going through the vast nation of Mongolia and maybe we will also go into neighbouring countries. You will see the book of Acts to expand through you!

Arhangai 08  BH Ulan Bator

25 Years HELP Mongolia

We are so much looking forward to celebrating the 25th anniversary of HELP International Mongolia on the occasion of Burning Hearts Mongolia. We want to thank Jesus for thousands of healings, signs and miracles ... and for over 70,000 people who have given their lives to Jesus. Do it again, Lord!


Walter Heidenreich (Germana)
Wesley & Stacey Campbell (Canada)
Petra Feddersen & Friends (Germany)
to be confirmed: Richard Aidoo (Ghana/Germany)

BH Walter neu  BH Campbells neu  BH Petra neu
It's an honour to welcome such anointed speakers to this event. With Walter Heidenreich we will have a spiritual father and the founder of the HELP movement and Burning Hearts events amongst us. Furthermore, Wesley & Stacey Campbell have confirmed - they are appointed and credited prophets. Petra Feddersen & Friends will lead and support us to worship God in the Spirit and in truth.

We - the international HELP community - warmly invite you to come to Mongolia and to step into a divine adventure with guests from all over the world and with the Mongolian body of Christ.

For Jesus and his kingdom,
Tom Wüthrich (leader of HELP Mongolia)

Facts re. Burning Hearts Mongolia

We highly recommend that you plan to arrive in Mongolia one or two days prior to the event. Every visitor is requested to take care of his/her own flights, transportation, accommodation and food. However, we are happy to assist you with choosing the right accommodation. If you need help, please contact us by eMail (see eMail under registration) - we will respond soon.


Arrival and departure: June 18 - 25, 2019
Event: June 21 - 23, 2019
Expenses: 1,000 EUR (airfare and food)
You need to calculate approx. 800 EUR for airfare plus 200 EUR for food. In addition you need to calculate the hotel!
Event Fee: 30 EUR
Registration: Burning Hearts Mongolia


Phone HELP Mongolei: +976 (011) 455463 and +976 (88) 872230
Address: HELP International Mongolia, P.O. 49 Box 444, Ulaanbaatar 13381, Mongolia

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Burning Hearts plus Outreach

This outreach takes us to the far west of Mongolia - to Bayan Ulgi. In this provice you mainly find Khazak people from Muslim backgrounds. They are a minority and have hardly been touched by the spiritual awakening throughout Mongolia. God wants to reach this region with his love, and together with Mongolian Christians we are going to proclaim the Good News.

BH Einsatz

What are you going to find?

The kick-off for this outreach is Burning Hearts Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar. After the event we are making our way to Bayan Ulgi. We will travel 1,700 km, which is 36 hours by bus, through Mongolia in order to reach our destiny. Accommodation and food will be simple. Bayan Ulgi is a remote provice. You will be part of international teams which are headed up by experienced local and experienced HELP staff. This outreach will be a diverse, multi-cultural adventure with God - dare to join!

BH Einsatz 02  BH Anbetung


Outreach dates: June 18 - July 13, 2019
Expenses: 1,700 EUR (incl. flight) plus pocket money
Please register with HELP International
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