So you want more than only doing an outreach for a couple of weeks or months, but you are actually seeking to be effective in misisons long-term. Well, then you have clicked to the right site: We are linking you to our REVIVAL SCHOOLs and to the REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move (RSotm). Click to the appropriate site and find all information, application forms, etc. ... and in case of further questions or if you want to know more ... call us or send and eMail to the HELP office!

REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move (RSotM)

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If you want to go the whole hog, if you are mission-minded then you should join the REVIVAL SCHOOl on the Move - a school which has its kick-off in presently Germany or the Philippines, and from either nation you are then going for six months into two to three nations doing outreaches which include a whole lot of experience that will shape your life forever. Click here and find all information regarding the REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move.


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For those who intend to go to missions long-term with HELP International, you are obliged to attend the REVIVAL SCHOOL in Lüdenscheid for equipment.
Click here and find all information regarding the REVIVAL SCHOOL Germany!

REVIVAL SCHOOL international

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HELP International has been working in the nations for over 25 years. We are establishing rehab centers, children's and youth ministries as well as respective houses to host kids and teens, we run feeding programmes to care for the poor and needy, we grant first aid in areas of calamity ... and we are establishing international REVIVAL SCHOOLs to train young people for missions. REVIVAL SCHOOLs are already open in Mongolia and in the Philippines ... more to come!
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