As a young community we are still in our infancy's. We are on fire for Jesus, our hearts burn. The message of the cross is the center, and the pesence of God our dearest treasure. We are living together on a property, where we teach and train young people to live as true disciples of Jesus by the power fo the Holy Spirit. From here we are reaching out to Austin and other cities in the US. We are passionate and aiming for YOU to discover your identity as a son, a daughter of God, not being satisfied with nothing less than exploring and growing deeper into the divine appointment upon your life. We are longing to see the power of the Gospel to transform people's lives and cities.


Discipleship & Training

We believe that God is not just looking for believers, but for disciples; for those who lay down their lives and follow Him wholeheartedly. We believe that it´s possible to walk like Jesus today and that we are called not only to share, but to demonstrate the gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit. Our vision is to use the property in Austin as a place to gather, teach, train and equip people who are hungry for God. This means, we are not after imparting any theory, but believe that it´s all about our personal relationship and walk with Jesus. We will cling to the simplicity of the gospel and the pure message of the cross. And we expect to see many young people embrace their divine calling and destiny in this place. We are already seeing the beginnings of that during different events and gatherings that we hold here, and we’re looking forward to have our first American team of 8th graders in April.


Worship & Prayer

Our priority is to have a home for God where we live in complete dependency to the Holy Spirit and where everything comes out of worship and prayer! - Not to build a ministry or program. The property is dedicated to God alone. The same shall be with our lives and everything we do. We want to know what is on the heart of God and chase after it, whatever it means and however it looks like. We believe that only a personal encounter with God can truly change lives. This is why we want to make all the room for His Presence – our highest treasure. We believe that Austin is called to worship Him and that He wants to use this city to raise up people who carry the song of heaven. We believe that God wants to birth new songs and melodies on this property that go around the whole world. We believe that prophetic worship, inspired by the Holy Spirit, can change nations and shift atmospheres. That´s what we want to see happening in and from this place.
God is looking for worshippers in spirit and truth; may He find them here!

Evangelism & Missions

We are very grateful to have this property as our base to reach out to Austin with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that God wants to use us to save the lost as well as to revive the saved. Right now we focus on the University of Texas in Austin where we go once a week for outreaches. Our desire is to minister to people in the supernatural by walking in the gifts of the Spirit. We believe that this property will be a place of gathering, training and sending people out again; into missions and every sphere of society to make known the kingdom of God.

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Living in dependency to God

If you want to join and live with us, there are two things that are going to happen: You will be challenged in your everyday life and you will exprience first-hand discipleship. We expect you to be flexible and show own initiative. Together we will take steps in faith and learn what it means to live in total dependency to the Holy Spirit. We expect each to give their best and to bless the community with their gifts and skills as well as share what God want to do and speak through you ... in the community, during worship and work, when we welcome people with us, during events that we plan and conduct and when we go on outreach to the streets.
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