HELP for all Nations the US branch of HELP International, Inc. Since 1988, HELP International together with its umbrella organization FCJG Lüdenscheid has established mission branches in Europe, Asia and the USA ...

Flower Power and Jesus

In 1998, Walter Heidenreich – the president of HELP International, Inc. – visited for the first time the University of Texas in Austin. The students eagerly listened to his message and were wide open to encounter the works and the person of the Holy Spirit. However, at the same time he was aware of the needs outside the University building: »I walked the campus praying and saw the many young people who were living in the streets – without hope, love and joy. That moment, God spoke to me saying we should help them ... In the 60s, the Jesus People Movement literally led a triumphal procession throughout the hippie, drug and occult scenes and touched many who were at the fringe of society. This triumphal procession started in the American universities. Today, many former hippies are spiritual leaders who are advancing the kingdom of God.« Could it be that God want to ignite a new revival in the USA?

Go West

Go West

Three married couples who had attended FCJG’s missions school in Lüdenscheid, decided to go to Texas and to start a ministry in Austin. They shared the Good News with those on the shadow side of life, took young homeless people into their houses and helped them in many ways. For the very first time, many poor and needy experienced life, hope, mercy and love in those days. The team and those working alongside them were very well-known, and as time went by, churches and other Christians started ministries among these homeless youth in the region ... one era of HELP for all Nations had come to an end ...

A new era

»Behold I am making everything new«, God spoke to us ... and with that he ushered in a new season. In 2015, the HELP for all Nations’s baton was passed on to a new generation – to Merisha Janke. Shortly before – in the end of 2014 – God supernaturally spoke to Merisha about going to lay down her plans and challenged her to take on the leadership of the Austin ministry. She surrendered, and her radical dedication and availability to the Holy Spirit are characteristic for what God is initiating in our Austin mission.

Statement Merisha

Experiencing God

Since September 2015, Merisha has been living in Austin and is heading up HELP for all Nations. Teams and individuals from Lüdenscheid, Texas and throughout the US have come in and gone out to help to advance the vision of HELP for all Nations: Gathering young people in order to train and send them. Young people who desire to personally experience the love and power of God, who desire to be laid-down lovers for Jesus so that people in the USA, in Europe, Africa and Asia ... and unto the ends of the earth experience the power of God as well. God wants to do a new thing and he is seeking for people who surrender everything to him. HELP for all Nations is a place where all of this happens.
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