All believers were one in heart and mind.
No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own,
but they shared everything they had.

The Bible in Acts 4:32 (NIV)
The fellowship of the first Christians was marked by a strong harmony and a deep love to one another with Jesus as their center. We are reaching out for this kind of relationship and love for one another as we believe is still possible today. Our property on the outskirts of Austin provides lots of space for that. We want to create a place that does not emphasize ministry and just working alongside each other; but where we live together as a family and a community that strives to advance God’s kingdom. We want people to experience Jesus here, as they encounter God’s love through and amongst us. Our doors are wide open to people from all nations and walks of life.

Therefore ...

.... we make Jesus the center of everything
.... we surrender ourselves each day to total dependence on the Holy Spirit
.... we make God’s word the standard by which we measure our lives and deeds
.... worship and prayer shall impact our lives thoroughly
.... we count on God’s supernatural intervention



The Lifehouse is the heart of our community. We gather here for communal prayer and worship times and consciously allow the Holy Spirit to take over; giving Him room to do what He wants to do. The Lifehouse is also a place where we gather young people who are hungry for more of God. We lead them into God’s presence, i.e. in our Worship Nights or Revival Fire Nights where we often invite a foreign guest speaker. Our vision for this place is to see prayer and worship rising up to God 24/7; impacting people, cities and nations with the blessing and the thoughts of God.

Soehne Toechter

Sons and Daughters

Our heartbeat is to specially see young people grasp their true identity as sons and daughters of God and start to live up to their divine calling. To see them mature and become people who are soaked by God’s love; so much so that they cannot but take the fire of the Gospel to the ends of the earth. That’s why we disciple these people through daily duties and routine, teaching them to love God’s word and to remain in it. We train them to live in a heart-to-heart relationship with the Holy Spirit. And then together, we take the Gospel to the streets of Austin, no matter where - to the University or to the party scene. It’s the love of God that draws us.

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Prayer and Support

With everything we are doing out here we depend on God's help and the support of people. It's a privilege for us to have gone as missionaries to the USA in order to bless this nation and its precious people. If you want to share in what God is doing here, there are options to do so. Thank you very much for standing with us!

Pray for God's plans to unfold for Texas! Pray for us to walk in our destiny!

Support us with finances and help us to do what God reveals to us!
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