Our team is 80% Thai - the only foreigner is Swiss, however, after over 20 years of living in Thailand he is almost a native local. It is a privilege to know these people and steir stories, to live with them and minister side-by-side to the Thai people.

Rolf 01Rolf Niederer

Rolf is married to Trujit and is the happiest Swiss that you can find in Thailand. After he finished his training as a mechanic, he worked in Switzerland for a few years. In 1991, he went to the REVIVAL SCHOOL of FCJG Lüdenscheid. After 2.5  years, which included an internship in the drug rehabilitation center House Wiedenhof, Rolf left Germany in 1993 and went to Thailand as a missionary. He was a part of the pioneer team of HELP Thailand which includes the drug rehabilitation center. In 2008, he took over the leadership of the drug rehab and at the same time became senior leadership of HELP Thailand together with his wife Trujit. Rolf is the only foreigner among a team of Thais and turned over the leadership of the drug rehab to Ping in 2016. Since then, he and Trujit are leading the aftercare center, opened the House of Friends and are also working on expanding the areas of training, ministries among the homeless, evangelism, etc.

Trujit 01Trujit Niederer

Trujit studied biology and chemistry and went into full-time ministry immediately after her studies. She was with Youth for Christ for many years before she joined the HELP team in Thailand in 2003. She did a great job in administration ... and then she married Rolf. She is a very gifted and anointed translator in conferences and huge events and translates Christian literature into the Thai language. Besides all that, she ministers to the body of Christ throughout Thailand through her preaching and teaching ministry.

Ping 01Somphong Kitikhunpisan (Ping)

Ping came to the drug rehab at the age of 20 after being addicted to heroin for 5 years. After he finished his therapy, he helped out in the rehab for a while before moving on to work at a regular job. Though he was no longer living with the community, he often came for a visit. In 2002, Ping got married to Jane and soon after that, they joined our team as staff members in the drug rehabilitation ministry - what a gain for us! Today, Ping and Jane have three children and have taken over the leadership of the rehab in 2016.

Jane 01Jannapa Kitikhunpisan (Jane)

Jane originally comes from the South of Thailand. She moved to Bangkok for her studies (media communication), connected to a church there and had a personal encounter with Jesus. After finishing her degree, Jane worked for a while to gain some experience in her profession and then joined our staff together with Ping in 2002. In 2016, she and Ping took over the leadership of the rehab; as a mother of 3 kids, she is a great enrichment to The Shelter.

Nat 01Amnuay Singudom (Nat)

Nat came to The Shelter in 2014 because of his severe alcohol addiction. Already during his aftercare, he was a practical helper in the rehab. God encountered Nat very deeply and personally during these two years as He did his awesome work of restoration in Nat’s life. Reading and studying the bible is his passion. Soon after finishing his therapy and aftercare, it was his desire to invest full-time into God's kingdom. He has been on staff in the rehab center since 2016, supervising the kitchen and everything connected to it.
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