Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in You? Show us your mercy, Lord, and grant us Your salvation.

The Bible in Psalm 85:6+7 (NKJV)
Where God' people gather to worship, the presence of God is manifested - perceptible and visible. Where two or three are gathered together in the name of Jesus, He is among them ... in Pattaya, too!

Worship & Mission in Pattaya

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We believe the biggest red-light-district of the world to be transformed into a launching-pad for missionaries into all the world. God called us to Pattaya to exalt Him over the city and to make Him known - to locals and foreigners alike. Where prayers and worship arises, God promised to come in His glory - that is what the city needs to get transformed!
After several years of worship- and prayer-outreaches to Pattaya we are sending out a team from Bangkok to establish a place that is dedicated to the vision of ‘Worship and Mission’ for Pattaya.

The current Team

pattaya new 04Simon Schoettler, 34 years old, Social Worker (BA & MA) leader of our Revival School on the Move (RSOTM) Thailand. He grew up in HELP International’s HQ in Germany and graduated RSOTM in 2017. This year Simon and Karin will get married.
Karin Schmid Lucioni, 35 years old, residential childcare worker and certified in trauma pedagogy. In Germany she worked with drug-addicted people and traumatised children. Karin also loves to play the keyboard and worship Jesus.

There are further people waiting to join the team but so far 2020 has been a difficult year to enter the Kingdom of Thailand.

A new Place

To make the vision come alive we are buying a property outside of Pattaya to make it our new branch’s headquarter and a home for our team. Its main-house was always designed to host staff and to provide community rooms while its secondary house is providing four more bedrooms, each of them with its own bathroom - simply perfect for our RSOTM students and outreach teams!

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From this house we will reach out to Pattaya and this is where we will train and equip people, since the house shall become a launching pad for our students to be send out into other nations.

We are thankful, that the house was offered to us for a good price and we want to kindly ask you if you would support us financially helping to make this vision a reality?

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Here you can invest into the new branch for Pattaya (purpose 'Pattaya Thailand').

Revival School on the Move

Since its first year in 2017 we are hosting students of the RSOTM in Thailand. During the last years we increased the time spent in Pattaya City continuously because we saw the great potential the program can unfold there. The students learn to handle being confronted with the harsh reality of the city’s lifestyle and can witness what difference their light makes in a place of darkness. It’s fantastic to see how God brings change through worship and prayer of the students and how they share hope with the people of Pattaya.

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