The HELP base in Ulaanbaatar, more than 2000 square metres in size, is the administration centre in Mongolia. It accommodates foreign and local leaders and staff and several branches of our ministry with different emphasises run by HELP International Mongolia (Naidvariin Jim, Shelter and the children's ministry at House Solongo) and a church (overseeing the IHOW, conferences and training programs).

Naidvariin Jim

Part of the HELP base in Mongolia's capital Ulaanbaatar includs a men's community called Naidvariin Jim which takes in men struggling with addictions and problems to handle their lives. At Naidvariin Jim they get the opportunity to set a new start in their mostly devastated life and to live in the community free of charge for a while until they they are able to provide for themselves. Naidvariin Jim means path of hope. Many of the men have been restored and are able to handle life. Wives get new husbands and chilren new fathers.



During the winter months from November to April one part of the base opens its doors to the homeless people of Ulaanbaatar - men and women alike. Up to 3,000 overnight stays are counted in the Shelter during this period of time. From here the team is doing outreaches to the focal points of the homeless. Innumerable homeless people of whom most are having severe alcohol problems have been saved from freezing to death.


Joined to the base are a bakery and a little eatery that are open to the public. This part of our work provides jobs and income to support the running costs of our ministry.

House Solongo

The house for the children and youth work Solongo was rebuilt after a devastating fire in 2006 when a Swiss woman, staff member at that time, lost her life. Solongo means rainbow and stands for protection, divine promises and colourful variety. One part of the house is intended to provide a home to 10 to 18 year-old children who come from broken families or from the streets. From here, the children go to school and are integrated into the whole HELP community in Ulaanbaatar.


In another part socially deprived children that live in the neighbourhood are served a warm meal daily and get help with their homework. We visit the families of these children to give them hope and new perspective in life. In addition, a range of leisure facilities is offered like a dancing club, sports and youth camps.
The street children of Ulaanbaatar who get by somehow through begging are on our hearts, too. Often they are high on drugs, because of sniffing gas and glue. We visit them regularly, make friends with them and grant help where help is needed.

Training & Conferences

»The harvest is big, workers are few.« Mid of September standing in front of one of the big, ripe wheat fields in Mongolia, one gets an idea of what Jesus is talking about. We see it as one of our tasks to train and send out local co-workers to serve in existing ministries and start new ones in Mongolia as well as in other nations outside of Mongolia.

Saal Schule 02

International House of Worship and Prayer (IHOWP)

The Mongolian people have a vast understanding of worship, it is part of their divine calling. It expresses itself in Buddhist and Schaman rituals. On almost every mountain, you find stones piled up where one can add stones to please the spirits thus asking for their protection. The International House of Worship and Prayer (IHOWP) is based in the first floor of the HELP building. Our vision is to have 24/7 worship and prayer with international groups taking turns. Every Christian is welcome to worship here in the power of the Holy Spirit, with creativity, in his personal habit and according to his culture and thus become part of this vision.

Anbetung Schule


Every Mongolian who wants to get deeper into getting to know Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and who wants to experience transformation is his life is welcome to the REVIVAL SCHOOL Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar. This school is training the students to get equipped by the power of the Holy Spirit, to enable them to serve and minister in the gifts of the Spirit and to enter into and walk in their divine destiny. Our DTS is not following any set programme, however, we are giving much room for the Holy Spirit to move. We are emphasizing worship, prayer, the Father heart of God, discipleship, evangelism and mission as well as teaching and sharing our lives in community. This school is supporting the ministries of HELP Mongolia. Outreaches are part of this school, too.
Besides the REVIVAL SCHOOL Mongolia we also run the REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move in which students from Germany or other nations have the opportunity to join for two months the training in Mongolia.
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