The Henti province is mainly known as the birthplace of Chingis Khan. In the middle of the province centre Chingis City stands a big ger (yurt) on fenced property surrounded by log houses. It is not a Chingis Khan museum as tourists sometimes think but the home of our community and ministry in Henti.

Henti Kirche

Signs and miracles

In 2004, God confirmed our evangelistic activities in Henti through signs and miracles through which local people gave their lives to Jesus. One year later, our Dutch co-worker Hanneke van Dam who was originally based in Ulaanbaatar, was send out to Henti to lead this awakening and to set up a ministry. In cooperation with the Dutch organisation Eyes and Hands today’s base in Henti was built in 2009. Under the releasing leadership of Hanneke, Mongolian leaders and staff came forth very fast which enabled us to step-by-step hand over the work to local staff. In 2013, the religious organisation Jesus Family was founded which is headed today by Oogii.
About the pioneering work of Hanneke van Dam in Henti, a documentary was made in 2007 which is called Journy into the Unknown (to be ordered through Amazon). After her marriage in 2012, Hanneke and her husband have been living in South England.

Henti Gottesdienst

Jesus Family live

The base in Henti is filled with divine warmth. On the premises several families and single people are living together. It is an open place to people having problems with addiction and seeking help. On Sundays, the Jesus Family hosts services that have become a spiritual home to many. Several times a week food is distributed to children from poor families and other activities are offered to children and youth. From this base socio-missionary activities are run locally and throughout the Henti province. At times interdenominational meetings and seminars take place on the premises.

Henti Kinder
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