In our community you have the opportunity to live with us and thus receive help for your life. Depending on your personal situation you can stay a few weeks, months, or even live with us for longer.

Lebenshilfe 04

Everything becomes New

You need a miracle? - Then you're welcome! You're not a hopeless case. You can start life all over again. We believe that God loves you and he wants to heal and help you. And he will! He sets you free from addiction, affliction and sickness. Because we believe and have personally experienced this, we live together as a family. The center of our life, our joy, and our strength is our personal relationship with God. If you want to, you may also experience the supernatural love of God in your life. Everyone who wants to follow Jesus whole-heartedly and earnestly will experience how HE makes everything new. Therefore we provide a familial setting in our center for people seeking help so they grow in faith and become whole through discipleship. We love to see again and again how problem causers become problem solvers who are taking up their place in the kingdom of God. In our everyday life as community involves meals together, worship services, practical work, evangelism and various recreational activities.
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