You've crashed your life into a wall? You're coming out of drug, video game or other addictions? With God there are no hopeless cases. We believe and experience that Jesus works miracles. He heals body, soul and spirit, frees of addictions and gives new lives. Because we have experienced this ourselves, we offer here in our house family a good place to become healthy and free.

Living with us

Living together with us, an obligatory day's schedule and a family-like setting will help you.
Part of that are common meals and leisure activities as well as our daily meetings in the prayer house. Here you experience God's fatherly love for you and receive practice-oriented teaching.

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The goal

But first of all we want to lead you into maturity and responsibility, into a personal relationship to Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Therefore we don't just teach Christian values, but work them out together by means of the bible and most of all seek to live by them.


Together with us you will help taking care of our home, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and supporting with manual work. Besides the practical skills you will learn to deal with conflicts, to work in a team, but also to take responsibility.

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Personal support

We regularly have group and individual talks where we look for root causes of different problems and point to practical solutions. You will be accompanied and supported through all this individually.

If you want to live with us or just want to get to know us, give us a call or write an e-mail.

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