Vienna - past and present

With its unique position between East and West Europe, Vienna was an international metropolis even 30 years ago. The city was already doomed back then. It was known for its high suicide rate and its numerous drug addicts. This was why Austrian Christians and the YWAM team together with a team from FCJG Lüdenscheid gathered in Vienna for an evangelistic outreach. When the outreach was finished, Walter Heidendreich wanted to board his car to drive back home. Suddenly the Catholic Arch Deakon, Johannes Fichtenbauer, opened the door to his car, sat inside and said: »Walter, we need you guys in Vienna – God has a commission for your mission. Please open a house just like your House Wiedenhof in Lüdenscheid.«

Walter open air

Of course, Johannes could not know that God already had already spoken to Walter and the leadership of FCJG about Austria: »When the people of God in Vienna are one and call us in unity, we will come!«, that was Walter's answer. Shortly after several representatives of churches, pastors and leaders called FCJG to Vienna. Their mutual decision-making bears fruit to this day in a network of interdenominational decisions and mutual activities.

Go East

In 1988, a small team moved to Vienna with all their belongings. They rented six flats at the Währinger Gürtel in which drug addicts could stay and be looked after. Equipped with coffee and the Good News that Jesus sets free, they went to the drug scene. Many addicts became free and started to share about Jesus on the streets.
10 years later, a house was found where everyone could share the same roof. Over the years this once very decrepit building got renovated with love and is now a gem.


Open house to All

These days not only addicts but also emotionally ill people become set free and completely changed by the power of Jesus. Persecuted Christians find a home again after long refuge and experience healing from traumatic situations. Teams from all over the world come to our house. Together we bring the Gospel of the love of the Savior in creative ways to the people of Vienna. The heart of our community is daily worship times in our prayer house (IHOP). During the weekly services, Christians and people from the streets experience the love of the Father and his power.



Out of the unity between Austrian Christians that started 30 years back, a deep connection has grown with mutual evangelism, prayer meetings, networks and events, like March for Jesus, Jesus House 2017, Love Vienna, N4C, Allianz. We want to see people from all nations experience the love of God here and be filled with the Holy Spirit. We want them to discover their spiritual identity and calling, subsequently applying them in this forsaken world.

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