We had an outing as team and went to the movies to fellowship and watch a great film – well, things you do when going to the movies. However, we all know that Jesus is with us always and anywhere, and that he sees people whom he loves, no matter where we are – even if it is the movies. After the show, we talked to individuals and made great experiences.

Going to the movies with God

There was one particular man for whom we had a distinct prophetic word which went right into his heart. He opened up and we were able to share from our lives with Jesus and to pray for him in the end.
There was yet another man who had a broken wrist after a car accident. After healing prayer his pain was completely gone! We met a girl who was walking on crutches. When we prayed for her, she felt something going through her foot, which was a lot better afterwards! A divine revelation – more capturing than any drama!

One touch of God - more moving than any love story

God wants to make history with us, with YOU, and he has the best ideas for the most fancy script. He is seeking for those who war willing to demonstrate his love and to pass on the Good News. He has called us to be light and bring hope wherever we go. If that’s our lifestyle, every day will get more exciting than any action movie – try it!
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