The Christmas season is a good opportunity to share the gospel and the love of God – in Thailand too. Many people here connect Christmas with celebrating the end of the year or simply with a tradition to give gifts at the end of the year. Most of the people don’t know the real meaning of Christmas. Therefore we are thankful for our big evangelistic Christmas outreach at Saphan Siri slum and the celebration at House of Moses.

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What really matters

This year we intentionally invited the adults to join the Christmas celebration too. It was our third and biggest Christmas celebration at Saphan Siri slum. There were about 200 people. We could share the Christmas story and the coming of Jesus very clearly. Our whole community was involved. The men of the drug rehab did a skit and shared the message of deliverance through Jesus and the cross very impressive. With their own testimonies they shared their life changing experience with Jesus. That was a strong moment of this afternoon.

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Hope and relief were tangibly in the air because many of this people there in the slum struggle with addiction, family and relational problems, and more. To the question, who wants to receive Jesus into their heart, over 30 people raised their hands. Many children, but also a good number of adults, responded. Jesus is making his way step by step to the hearts of this people. Thank you Jesus! You are the light for all who live in darkness! Of course at the end we celebrated with food, beverage and gifts for all.

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Christmas for everybody

The whole month of December the kids program at House of Moses was focused on Christmas by having related activities and messages. All the children who attend regularly know the meaning of Christmas and the coming of Jesus. With these kids we actually wanted to have a small party. We wanted to make it more personal. Instead of having 25 we  had over 50 kids showing up. At some point it got quite chaotic. Anyways - it was a great opportunity to celebrate Jesus, to bless the children, to pray with them and to give presents to them.

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Thank you

We are thankful for all support, gifts and finances we received from friends and churches from the body of Christ. Together we brought the Christmas-message of joy into this slum community.

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