I love to study the lives of superheroes of faith from the past. But the idea, of sharing about them with others, came up while I was under the partially lockdown. The lives of these God’s reformers like Martin Luther, Zinzendorf, William Seymour, John G. Lake , Smith Wigglesworth, Kathryn Kuhlman had one thing in common: Their burning hearts and how the Holy Spirit worked in and through their lives. I believed people would be inspired and catch the sense of hope, that they as well can radically love Jesus and be used powerfully by the Spirit. I proposed my teaching-series to two Bible schools and one church in different parts of Thailand for this God’s reformers course - and all accepted it. This is how it went down:

On the Mountains

preach 07  preach 08
The first one being a Karen Bible School in the mountains up North. The students were simple and are loving Jesus with every breath they have. They experienced the Holy Spirit so easily, two even got baptized in the Holy Spirit for the first time. We also went for outreach in a Karen village and had some remarkable times ministering to adults and young people who struggle with drug and alcohol addictions. But God is moving in this, too - I just love this tribe.

preach 03

At the Sea

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The next trip was to the Mid South of Thailand, to a pentecostal Bible School. There we had a bigger group of 60 plus participants in the class and around 200 people, who registered to watch online. The Holy Spirit moved deeply in one particular session on the life of Smith Wiggleworth. The Holy Spirit brought repentance, starting with the senior pastor asking his congregation for forgiveness, even though the situation had nothing to do with the content I had taught about at all. The Holy Spirit followed His very own agenda and it turned out so precious. The time of repentance was followed by physical healings, both in the class and with those watching the live-stream.

In the Countryside

preach 06

The third training took place in a North-Eastern province. It was held in the time of Jewish New Year – Rosh Hashanah - and it was like the sweetness of God was lingering there. There were few times of power-outage throughout that weekend and the place was hot, but people still engaged in with hunger. Again the Holy Spirit came with power and one lady was set free from evil spirits and many others received revelations from the Holy Spirit.

One more: Bangkok

Each time of teaching was different, even though the content was pretty much the same. I appreciated the Holy Spirit: He came spontaneously, gave people rest and still He remains simply unpredictable. I was grateful to see Him working and obviously I can’t take credit for it. I still have one more training coming up this year in Bangkok. I’m looking forward to once more seeing the Holy Spirit moving among us while pursuing His agenda.
Trujit Niederer
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