You want to find our „House of Moses“ in the slum during the school-holidays? Just follow the noise. Over 30 kids coming together, singing songs, hearing about Jesus and playing games can’t be missed! Such times make children laugh - and much more.

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School’s out!

When the primary school across the canal next to the neighbourhood closes for holidays there aren’t many activities for the kids to do. Accordingly the response is high when we run our holiday-camps for kids and teenagers in our ‘House of Moses’. About 25 kids take part in the program while others peek curiously through doors and windows. What they find is a colourful mix of singing worship songs, Jesus-stories, work-shops, games, food and fun! Good nutrition is rare in this neighbourhood, but in the House of Moses nobody stays hungry. There is enough food for the neighbours also.

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The process of progress

In the last eighteen months our team went regularly to that area to get to know people, share the Gospel with them and to pray with families. When we started looking for a place to offer a better program for the kids somebody presented the hut next to a little shop to us. After prayer and worship in that place we felt to use it. That meant fixing the flooring, installing electricity and lights and reconnecting the toilet to the waste-water-pipes.

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Guys from ‘The Shelter’ and friends helped over several hours of repairing and collecting trash to make the wooden hut a safe and nice place to host children-programs and to shine a light into the neighbourhood.

The Team

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Amber with On and Game
This is our core-team for outreaches and activities in the slum: Amber has a huge heart for broken people - she loves living out ‘to heal the broken hearted’ from Isaiah 61. On and her husband Ney have a child of their own, in the slum On wants to invest in children who don’t get the attention and comfort they actually need. Game has a testimony of his own about a heavenly Father who is excited to share His good plans with children and teenagers.
Together these three are a power-house and they are an encouragement to the slum-ministry and everyone who joins them. Today Ambers team is always supported by other helpers joining in for special events or the weekly program in our ‘House of Moses’.

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You would like to support the slum-ministry of the 'House of Moses' but don't know how? The following link provides all needed information. HELP International can also issue a donation-receipt, if you send us you mailing-address.
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