When the Holy Spirit begins to speak about missions there are different ways to take steps toward world missions with HELP International. To go deeper on God speaking to you you can join for a vision for mission weekend, the Revival School on the Move or you can join as a volunteer. Thats exactly what Alyssa did a she came to Asia to get to know our ministry among the poor and needy in Bangkok and Pattaya.

A Prophetic Word

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„My name is Alyssa Dittmann. I am from Minnesota/USA, where I work with an organisation called Godtown. I first connected with HELP International in Mongolia in 2016 and now I just stayed in Thailand as a volunteer for three months.

Before I came to Thailand, I received a prophetic word that I would
find creative ways to teach English. I hadn’t considered teaching
English as a ministry tool and initially I did not take the word
seriously. I didn’t realise how many opportunities I would have to
reach people, whether I was teaching or simply talking to people who
wanted to practice the English they knew.

Hope in the Slum

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It started in the slum. In Bangkok, there is a slum community along
the river. Small houses are stacked against each other on stilts over
garbage and standing water. One of these is the House of Moses: A
one-room house that HELP International Thailand uses to reach out to this community.
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We had two weeks of English camps for the children. Many of these
kids come from broken homes. Some experience neglect and abuse and
have learned to communicate with their fists rather than their voice.
But they were all excited to learn and quickly mastered colours,
numbers, fruits, and animals. More importantly, they heard about the
love God has for them. They loved to hear about Jesus and many
responded to the Gospel.

You matter!

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I also had the opportunity to teach at 'The Shelter', which is the
rehabilitation center run by HELP Thailand. English is taught in Thai
schools, but public school in Thailand is only offered through 6th
grade. Some of the residents at the Shelter have been educated beyond
that, but others have not. I want them to know that they are worth
investing in. All of them have stories to tell about how God is
transforming their lives. I believe many of them will go to the

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We're thankful for everything Alyssa deposited in the kids lives in the slum, in oure rehab-center and in the city of Pattaya!

It's simple

If you’re interested in missions, too, please check our calendar for the upcoming seminars or get in touch with our missionaries to figure out in detail, how your time as a volunteer at HELP International could look like! We’re looking forward hearing from you!
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