For almost one year, we have been visiting this slum on a regular basis. This community was built illegally alongside an irrigation canal and over some generations it has developed to become a community unpleasant to live in with more than 200 household. That's exactly where we carry the power of Jesus!

Getting into it

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Surrounded by garbage, sewage, drugs, gambling and premature pregnancy, most of the children are severely neglected by their families. They show symptoms like poor hygiene, violent talk and behaviour, disobedience, lack of boundaries, etc. The community is not super poor, since they still have TV, refrigerator and basic electric devices, but poverty often infiltrates mindsets.

Imprinting the future

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We have focused on the children for quite some time. Our children program is open for all. We sing songs with action, tell Jesus stories, play games, offer creative activities and end up with snacks and beverages. What is obvious about these children in the slum, is that they are in need of love and care. It doesn’t take long at all to be popular among them. Many children rush to our team every time we show up in the slum and stick with us for the whole afternoon. They are door openers for us to their families and even to the community. They like to hug, hold hands and some jump on us - they are so adorable despite the conditions mentioned earlier.
One time we caught on a conversation bytwo girls: One was sick and the other who had heard the testimony of her neighbour being healed from asthma, suggested to her friend to pray to Jesus. She was convinced that Jesus could heal her friend - what a beautiful childlike faith.

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Next steps

We cannot disciple all of these 60 children at once. We want to pickt some who are open and teachable and invest more into their lives by developing a deeper level of relationship thus see change evolve. We hope to see a little kingdom of God army rising up that will impact their own community and society.

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This month we’re going to throw a big Christmas party. You can follow this event on our FB Page HELPThai บ้านอบอุ่นใจ-บ้านเพื่อน.
Amber and Trujit
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