God’s heart is going out to the nations! He is the God of all peoples, all tongues and all tribes and his desire is to gather them all in His presence. Our recent Vision for Mission nights are all about missions: What is Jesus’ Great Commission all about? God’s heart for the ends of the world. Testimonies of those who go to missions ... and many opportunities to join.

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The Full Package

It’s been great fun so far: At 7:00 PM our nights beginn and Thai Christians from different churches, ministries and backgrounds find their way to the House of Friends in Bangkok's north. Whether a regular church-goer or a former drug-addict at our rehabilitation program, they all hear and embrace the same message. The evenings are packed with testimonies of missionaries - from abroad and locals - worship, outreach opportunities and a message giving vision to get involved in missions! We are thankful to have friends who are sharing, like Keiko, a Japanese missionary living in Cambodia. Or Arden from the Philippines who is currently doing our Revival School on the Move here in Thailand. However, most precious are the times when God Himself speaks to the visitor. We love to share the vision, but God's personal touch changes more than words could ever do.

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There is more

As HELP International in Thailand we have a purpose, and one major aspect is to reach out and help people in need. Knowing the churches in Thailand well, we realised that there is little awareness for the need of missions and evangelism. These nights give room for more Thais to partner and learn from each other.

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Open Doors

There are many chances to join. Our outreach calendar in Thailand is filled with opportunities to provide room for people to take their first steps in reaching out or ministering in other countries! In Thailand we are doing outreaches to Pattaya's red light district on a regular basis as well as reaching out to the communities in BangkokÄs slums. Looking into the next two months, we will go with teams to Cambodia and to Myanmar as well - we are making friends in both countries and are hungry to see God advancing His Kingdom all over South East Asia.

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Bringing in the Harvest

We are very glad about the response at the Vision for Mission nights. More than 40 people gather and are exited about God’s perspective - and so is our team. These nights are a fantastic foundation to impact Christians in Thailand and to provide opportunities for taking first steps to actively help those in need. 
Jesus said that the fields are white for harvest - and we will see Thais bringing in the harvest in South East Asia!

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