We’re so glad about what God is doing in the House of Friends at this moment. After three men from the aftercare moved back into our house, we could double the number of roommates once more:

Vision wird gebaut 03 Vision wird gebaut 04


Since May we’re hosting the REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move, and for this three-months-program a German student and four Thai women from the South of Thailand joined to live with us and get trained. By that there are eight more people living with us in the house. This increase brought some new logistical challenges, so we decided to build a new bathroom to be able to make better use of our rooms.

Vision wird gebaut 06 Vision wird gebaut 07

New things springing up

God has given us the House of Friends to make it a place where Christians can share their lives, follow Jesus and get equipped. Thus besides a new series of seminars on God's reformers, we’re witnessing how the vision becomes reality in front of our eyes - even by building the bathroom with our own hands. Now that the bathroom is finished, the rooms are filling up, and during the seminars the visitors reach out for the Holy Spirit with a sincere desire. God is so good. We are grateful for God's move in Thailand. We can see a hunger rising among the Thais not only to encounter Jesus, but to follow Him with a dedicated heart. And for them to do so, we love to go alongside them at the House of Friends!
Rolf & Trujit Niederer
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