It seems that more and more people in Bangkok cannot cope with the challenges of life any more. Many end up living in the streets. There are so many homeless people, and with that a vast harvest field is waiting for us ...

Voller Hoffnung 03

A couple of months ago we met Wit. He was sitting somewhere whit swolen feet. With every visit we watched his condition getting from bad to wors and even the worst. We took him to the doctor, took care of him and regularly visited him under his bridge. Right from the beginning he was very open to be prayed for and loved t listen when we told him about Jesus. We encouraged him to move into The Shelter (our rehab community) and live with us. Wit used to work as security guard until he lost his job. When looking for another job, all of his money, his clothes and ID card were stolen one night. There was no one he could turn to. Suddenly he ended up living in the streets ... and with that the social twist went down and down ... until we literally found him. What joy it was when Wit decided to move in and live with us just. It's a new step in his life - a step of trust and a step of hope into the right direction. Jesus is his rock and he will give him a firm foundation for life.
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