‘Celebrate God’s Goodness’ was the motto of our anniversary celebration! For more than 25 years our staff members are serving people in need and in addictions. We took this anniversary to review those years but also to look to what lays ahead.

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How the future for us will look like is summarised for you in our latest newsletter. By clicking on one of the pictures the newsletter will open up automatically for you - in German, English or Thai language. May the newsletter become an encouraging read for you!

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The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the poor; he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound; to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all who mourn;  to grant to those who mourn in Zion - to give them a beautiful headdress instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, the garment of praise instead of a faint spirit; that they may be called ‘oaks of righteousness’, the ‘planting of the Lord’, that he may be glorified.   Isaiah 61: 1-3
This scripture of the Bible is popular, but in an environment like Pattaya these words quickly become very real: Broken hearts are not hard to find in the worlds largest red-light-district and people being bound by addictions of all kinds are in plain sight. Even though there are a lot of colourful flashing lights and beach walks the atmosphere in town can feel rather depressing. BUT:

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We bring GOOD news

In those verses the prophet addresses it correctly. Restauration, healing, comfort and deliverance are works of the Holy Spirit and they are Gods response to personal needs.
For Karin Isaiah 61 became a long-term companion since these words were prayed over her when she got baptised.
In October 2019 she joined our team for Pattaya to help establishing our branch of the Revival School on the Move and to make the words of the prophet come alive. Jesus delivers from addiction, He restores dignity and transforms mourning into joy. That’s what Karin experienced in the last years while she was working with people suffering from drug-addictions or with traumatised children. We are very glad for Karin going after this calling and coming to Thailand with the intension to check, if God confirms her place with us for the long-term. She brings good news.

scf 03  scf 08

Focussing on the goal

Very clearly God spoke to us about creating a place of ‘Worship & Missions’ with HELP International in Pattaya. Gods’ visions are always connected to people - those people who hear His call and go and those people whose lives shall be impacted. Isaiah talks about how this transformation through an encounter with Jesus they will be identified as ‘oaks of righteousness’ and a ‘planting of the Lord’. It is Gods’ intention to lead people into liberty and this serves an even grater cause: That finally God may be glorified and worshipped!

We want more

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This summer we will live with the Revival School on the Move in Pattaya and put exactly this into practice. If you also want to see how God changes the atmosphere in Pattaya by your worship and lives being impacted because you share the good news of the Gospel,…than I want to invite you to the Burning Hears Summer 2020 in Germany! Out of these weeks of conference we will send out outreach-teams in the second half of this year. Hope to see you in November in Thailand.

Here you’ll find ways how you can support us financially also.
For almost one year, we have been visiting this slum on a regular basis. This community was built illegally alongside an irrigation canal and over some generations it has developed to become a community unpleasant to live in with more than 200 household. That's exactly where we carry the power of Jesus!

Getting into it

slum 14   slum 12

Surrounded by garbage, sewage, drugs, gambling and premature pregnancy, most of the children are severely neglected by their families. They show symptoms like poor hygiene, violent talk and behaviour, disobedience, lack of boundaries, etc. The community is not super poor, since they still have TV, refrigerator and basic electric devices, but poverty often infiltrates mindsets.

Imprinting the future

slum 04   slum 06

We have focused on the children for quite some time. Our children program is open for all. We sing songs with action, tell Jesus stories, play games, offer creative activities and end up with snacks and beverages. What is obvious about these children in the slum, is that they are in need of love and care. It doesn’t take long at all to be popular among them. Many children rush to our team every time we show up in the slum and stick with us for the whole afternoon. They are door openers for us to their families and even to the community. They like to hug, hold hands and some jump on us - they are so adorable despite the conditions mentioned earlier.
One time we caught on a conversation bytwo girls: One was sick and the other who had heard the testimony of her neighbour being healed from asthma, suggested to her friend to pray to Jesus. She was convinced that Jesus could heal her friend - what a beautiful childlike faith.

slum 10   slum 08

Next steps

We cannot disciple all of these 60 children at once. We want to pickt some who are open and teachable and invest more into their lives by developing a deeper level of relationship thus see change evolve. We hope to see a little kingdom of God army rising up that will impact their own community and society.

slum 07

This month we’re going to throw a big Christmas party. You can follow this event on our FB Page HELPThai บ้านอบอุ่นใจ-บ้านเพื่อน.
Amber and Trujit
You want to find our „House of Moses“ in the slum during the school-holidays? Just follow the noise. Over 30 kids coming together, singing songs, hearing about Jesus and playing games can’t be missed! Such times make children laugh - and much more.

slum 04

School’s out!

When the primary school across the canal next to the neighbourhood closes for holidays there aren’t many activities for the kids to do. Accordingly the response is high when we run our holiday-camps for kids and teenagers in our ‘House of Moses’. About 25 kids take part in the program while others peek curiously through doors and windows. What they find is a colourful mix of singing worship songs, Jesus-stories, work-shops, games, food and fun! Good nutrition is rare in this neighbourhood, but in the House of Moses nobody stays hungry. There is enough food for the neighbours also.

slum 03  slum 03

slum 05  slum 07

The process of progress

In the last eighteen months our team went regularly to that area to get to know people, share the Gospel with them and to pray with families. When we started looking for a place to offer a better program for the kids somebody presented the hut next to a little shop to us. After prayer and worship in that place we felt to use it. That meant fixing the flooring, installing electricity and lights and reconnecting the toilet to the waste-water-pipes.

slum 14  slum 12

slum 15  slum 03

Guys from ‘The Shelter’ and friends helped over several hours of repairing and collecting trash to make the wooden hut a safe and nice place to host children-programs and to shine a light into the neighbourhood.

The Team

slum 11
Amber with On and Game
This is our core-team for outreaches and activities in the slum: Amber has a huge heart for broken people - she loves living out ‘to heal the broken hearted’ from Isaiah 61. On and her husband Ney have a child of their own, in the slum On wants to invest in children who don’t get the attention and comfort they actually need. Game has a testimony of his own about a heavenly Father who is excited to share His good plans with children and teenagers.
Together these three are a power-house and they are an encouragement to the slum-ministry and everyone who joins them. Today Ambers team is always supported by other helpers joining in for special events or the weekly program in our ‘House of Moses’.

slum 13  slum 05

You would like to support the slum-ministry of the 'House of Moses' but don't know how? The following link provides all needed information. HELP International can also issue a donation-receipt, if you send us you mailing-address.
We know Pattaya since more than 20 years. Almost five years ago we worshipped at Pattayas famous Beach Road for the first time. About 60 missionaries and leaders of our international fellowship expressed their love forJesus in public and tourists started taking pictures, cars stopped and a Persian man was drawn by the love of God and gave his life to Jesus. It was very simple. Love sparked hope in a city where many people actually loose hope. A spark in the darkness might die but once you blow on it, it can unfold a fire!

Kindle a fire

That’s what we did for the following years! With small teams of two or three we prayed in the streets, we met with teams to worship on the highways and byways and shared the love of God to people whenever there was a chance. God spoke to us to have a place in Pattaya City - a place of Worship and Mission! Not only going with teams, but to establish a branch to live in Pattaya permanently. A vision from God was received and born. Having a place where people worship Jesus and host Gods powerful presence by creating this altar of praise and prayer for the city (worship), and then carry Gods power and presence to the people in the streets (mission).

03 worship and mission   07 worship and mission

Today we are aiming towards making this vision come true. We decided to take our 'Revival School on the Move' from Bangkok to Pattaya to ‘make camp’ in the city. In 2018 our students spent three weeks in Pattaya, in the next years we will increase the time of our stays and we started looking for a place to rent or to buy in Pattaya already. We will start with the Revival School on the Move, but it’s always about 'Worship and Mission'!
Having an outreach-team of our Revival School from Germany coming modelled this very well:

Make a difference

When we received the team of the Revival School they all were welcomed with this very phrase on a card: ‘You make a difference’. You heard that before? Sure - the chances are hight that you did. Making a difference is easy to say but how can you actually measure the imprint of affect to make? Well, there is a sweet story of a young boy walking the beach recognising the starfishes a strong tide had washed on the shore. In the heat of the sun they would become dry and surely die soon. There were thousands of them and he started picking them up and throwing them back into the sea. A man walking by also saw the thousands of starfishes on the beach and finally asked the boy: ‘Don’t you see these thousands of starfishes? Do you really believe you can save them all?’ The boy just had picked up another starfish and looked at it while holding it in his hand. Then he replied: ‘I don’t know if I can save them all, but can save this one!’ And with these words he hurled that starfish into the waves.

12 worship and mission

Being in Pattaya City sometimes looks like the shore in this story: There are more than 30.000 prostitutes living and working in the bars and literally lining up at the beach. There are hundreds of thousands of tourists coming from all over the world. Ten-thousands of Thais working and living in Pattaya hope to make some easy and fast money. Can we save them all? Jesus can! He is able. As we go there, we start doing it like the little boy: Picking one precious person after the other, sharing testimonies of the life-changing love of Jesus from heart to heart.

09 worship and mission   11 worship and mission

You can click here to read some testimonies from the amazing outreach we had in October.

Keep the fire burning

The decision has been made - we will sent Simon, who grew up in our fellowship in Luedenscheid and did the Revival School on the Move in 2017, with a team to Pattaya to establish a new and permanent branch of HELP International Thailand in Pattaya City. Starting with hosting trimesters of the school we want to see the vision of Worship and Mission come true and unfold in Pattaya. Jesus is absolutely in love with the people and we can sense that the time to invest in Pattaya is now. In the last months things are changing in the city where missionaries have ministered and prayed for years and years. To hear their recent testimonies proves how God increases his mercy over the city. Thai people are more open for Jesus and hungry for an encounter with his power than ever. Recently several hundred of people made a decision to follow Jesus on one day as 4000 christians flooded Pattaya to proclaim Jesus and share the Gospel.

07 worship and mission   04 worship and mission

We want to train Jesus-lovers to reach out to those people for the reason of the promise of Isaiah 61: ‘The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the poor; he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound; to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all who mourn; to grant to those who mourn in Zion— to give them a beautiful headdress instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, the garment of praise instead of a faint spirit; that they may be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he may be glorified.’
Serving the ‘brokenhearted’, the ‘captives’, the ‘bound’ and those ‘who mourn’ is what the Holy Spirit has anointed us for. You can easily find these kind of people in Pattaya and there is a message of hope: We go to Pattaya to ‘bring good news’ and to proclaim God’s favour and in the end we will see Jesus being glorified in Pattaya!

Join in

As we prepare to take these steps and to make the vision reality we also need wisdom and help on so many levels. You are very welcome to stand with us in prayer. We need favour and wisdom to get a house or a suitable place to stay in Pattaya, we need finances and resources and also we need people to join the team.
But what we already have fascinates us: We do have a vision! It’s a vision of making the difference for a single person. It’s a vision to join the desire of the transformation of a whole city from darkness to light. The vision is simple and yet great - because we count in the power of the love of Jesus to impact peoples lives.
The vision sounds like this:
Establishing more Worship and Mission in Pattaya City … ‘that He may be glorified.’
You are welcome to join in!

05 worship and mission
When the Holy Spirit begins to speak about missions there are different ways to take steps toward world missions with HELP International. To go deeper on God speaking to you you can join for a vision for mission weekend, the Revival School on the Move or you can join as a volunteer. Thats exactly what Alyssa did a she came to Asia to get to know our ministry among the poor and needy in Bangkok and Pattaya.

A Prophetic Word

alyssa 08

„My name is Alyssa Dittmann. I am from Minnesota/USA, where I work with an organisation called Godtown. I first connected with HELP International in Mongolia in 2016 and now I just stayed in Thailand as a volunteer for three months.

Before I came to Thailand, I received a prophetic word that I would
find creative ways to teach English. I hadn’t considered teaching
English as a ministry tool and initially I did not take the word
seriously. I didn’t realise how many opportunities I would have to
reach people, whether I was teaching or simply talking to people who
wanted to practice the English they knew.

Hope in the Slum

alyssa 07  alyssa 03

It started in the slum. In Bangkok, there is a slum community along
the river. Small houses are stacked against each other on stilts over
garbage and standing water. One of these is the House of Moses: A
one-room house that HELP International Thailand uses to reach out to this community.
alyssa 06  alyssa 04

We had two weeks of English camps for the children. Many of these
kids come from broken homes. Some experience neglect and abuse and
have learned to communicate with their fists rather than their voice.
But they were all excited to learn and quickly mastered colours,
numbers, fruits, and animals. More importantly, they heard about the
love God has for them. They loved to hear about Jesus and many
responded to the Gospel.

You matter!

alyssa 09  alyssa 05

I also had the opportunity to teach at 'The Shelter', which is the
rehabilitation center run by HELP Thailand. English is taught in Thai
schools, but public school in Thailand is only offered through 6th
grade. Some of the residents at the Shelter have been educated beyond
that, but others have not. I want them to know that they are worth
investing in. All of them have stories to tell about how God is
transforming their lives. I believe many of them will go to the

alyssa 10

We're thankful for everything Alyssa deposited in the kids lives in the slum, in oure rehab-center and in the city of Pattaya!

It's simple

If you’re interested in missions, too, please check our calendar for the upcoming seminars or get in touch with our missionaries to figure out in detail, how your time as a volunteer at HELP International could look like! We’re looking forward hearing from you!
There it is!

new van 07

We longed and prayed for a new car for „The Shelter“ for a long time. Now we finally could get this van for our crew.
The generosity of the donators became to us a testimony of the faithfulness of God. It’s also a great picture to our „young brothers“ living with us in the rehab about the father-heart of God and how He care and provides for us.

new van 03 1
We are really happy! We can make good use of our van since its on a good technical level and offers much more space and comfort than our last one.
Thank you for praying, believing und standing with us.

new van 06  new van 05

We love to invest into the lives of the broken and addicted here in Thailand and donations like this enable us to do so and to go even further!

Thank you Father for the new van! You are awesome!
Some weeks ago our students in Germany went to the airport. One team is on the move in Mongolia to make Jesus known in one of the most remote provinces of the country and another team is staying in Pattaya City in Thailand. For their third trimester they will pack their bags once more and get their boarding-passes ready for the next nation. Being on the move with Jesus - just like the disciples followed each of Jesus’ steps. Here Philip and Elisabeth are sharing the experiences they made on the way and how they encountered Jesus while following Him today:

Elisabeth - from the inside out

fersen 06  fersen 11

Before coming to Thailand, God showed me that I just accepted many things in my life. Situations, circumstances, sickness - even though they were not according to His will.
The Holy Spirit showed me how I could bring change into those areas by taking initiative and proclaiming truth, taking in new land, and taking my place in the Kingdom of God. I decided to take his word seriously, to speak out truth where I do not yet see it, to proclaim his Kingdom in places where I don’t see it manifested yet.
fersen 10

In the last weeks, walking and praying through Pattaya, I see how I have already grown in this. All kind of different things are worshipped all over the town but my aim is to see only Jesus glorified. I meet strangers in the streets and after listening to their stories I can speak truth over their lives. In my personal life I have decided not to accept hopelessness or sorrow anymore but to choose hope, to choose joy that comes from God. I am excited to go further in this with Him, to not live accepting and reacting to my circumstances, but to take my place and influence the situations through the power of Christ!

Philipp - a calling from God confirmed

fersen 05  fersen 04

As I went to the Revival School on the Move I had already received a calling from God to be involved in evangelism. In my first trimester I heard a lot about the Holy Spirit and I knew that I would need Him to serve God. I started reaching out for the Holy Spirit and at one point He led me to the scripture of Isaiah 61 where it says: „The Spirit of the Lord is upon me to preach good news…“ and then I just knew God confirmed my calling once more and I knew the Holy Spirit is on me, too. Encouraged by that I went with the other students out to the streets to share about Jesus with other people and I realised how much fun that was and that my heart started burning for evangelism more and more.
fersen 12

Here in Pattaya I can see that the Holy Spirit wants to show me more of his power in evangelism because the Holy Spirit showed several people to me to talk to and I could help them to become followers of Jesus themselves.
After several months of Revival School on the Move … I’m still amazed how God uses me for His kingdom.

And when will we meet you?

Really? You want to make the same experience? We are excited to share more about our missions and outreaches with you online but it’s even better to take part yourself! Here you’ll find all informations for the coming year 2020 - ‘It’s a privilege to go!

fersen 03
God’s heart is going out to the nations! He is the God of all peoples, all tongues and all tribes and his desire is to gather them all in His presence. Our recent Vision for Mission nights are all about missions: What is Jesus’ Great Commission all about? God’s heart for the ends of the world. Testimonies of those who go to missions ... and many opportunities to join.

blog v4m 07

The Full Package

It’s been great fun so far: At 7:00 PM our nights beginn and Thai Christians from different churches, ministries and backgrounds find their way to the House of Friends in Bangkok's north. Whether a regular church-goer or a former drug-addict at our rehabilitation program, they all hear and embrace the same message. The evenings are packed with testimonies of missionaries - from abroad and locals - worship, outreach opportunities and a message giving vision to get involved in missions! We are thankful to have friends who are sharing, like Keiko, a Japanese missionary living in Cambodia. Or Arden from the Philippines who is currently doing our Revival School on the Move here in Thailand. However, most precious are the times when God Himself speaks to the visitor. We love to share the vision, but God's personal touch changes more than words could ever do.

blog v4m 04   blog v4m 05

There is more

As HELP International in Thailand we have a purpose, and one major aspect is to reach out and help people in need. Knowing the churches in Thailand well, we realised that there is little awareness for the need of missions and evangelism. These nights give room for more Thais to partner and learn from each other.

blog v4m 06

Open Doors

There are many chances to join. Our outreach calendar in Thailand is filled with opportunities to provide room for people to take their first steps in reaching out or ministering in other countries! In Thailand we are doing outreaches to Pattaya's red light district on a regular basis as well as reaching out to the communities in BangkokÄs slums. Looking into the next two months, we will go with teams to Cambodia and to Myanmar as well - we are making friends in both countries and are hungry to see God advancing His Kingdom all over South East Asia.

blog v4m 03  blog v4m 08

Bringing in the Harvest

We are very glad about the response at the Vision for Mission nights. More than 40 people gather and are exited about God’s perspective - and so is our team. These nights are a fantastic foundation to impact Christians in Thailand and to provide opportunities for taking first steps to actively help those in need. 
Jesus said that the fields are white for harvest - and we will see Thais bringing in the harvest in South East Asia!

blog v4m 10
We are exited about this year 2019! We enjoyed a great Christmas-season with plenty of outreaches to our neighbours and to the slum-area. Here you can see some impressions on our Facebook-page how we spread the good news about Christmas and Jesus coming into this world. But then we entered the new year with some nice vacationing to close the year.

moving forward 7 moving forward 6


After these vacations we came together with our whole community in Bangkok to spent time in Gods presence together: Worshipping, praying, sharing hearts together and also receiving inputs from our HELP International headquarters and community in Germany. And with our staff-team we also took the opportunity to share about the vision and expectations for 2019. Sharing vision and standing together for one another is great.

moving forward 04

We see doors opening further in the slums and Amber is building and strengthening her team to increase the impact there. The Shelter is growing in staff-numbers and will involve the men looking for help in helping others themselves. And in 2019 we are sending the Revival School on the Move students once more to Pattaya City and are building the school-team during the year.

Good preparation

And our team is stepping up in skills also: We just hired a professional language-teacher for our staff-members to improve their English. We had an assent-meeting and lessons are starting in February. This will improve our teams ability to host international visitors and to connect with other branches of HELP International. And it’s fun to learn together anyways!

moving forward 05 1 moving forward 05 2 moving forward 5 3
2019 started really good and we are hungry to see the best from God for us in Thailand in the coming months!
Hello Friends!
Our latest newsletter Spring 2018 is out!
We gathered some informations, staff updates, impressions from our recent trip to Cambodia and another testimony from our rehab-center »The Shelter« for you!

Simply click here to open the file or click on the picture below.

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