»Water!« Over a period of three months, I heard this word over and over again while praying for our team and the new base in Tondo. In addition, God gave me pictures all circling around water. These were always refreshing and soothing, full of life and bubbling over. Water is one of the symbols that describes the Holy Spirit, and it takes him to transform Tondo, the poorest part of Manila. God so encouraged me to paint this refreshing water in colour. The canvas (120 cm x 80 cm) was already sitting in the garage waiting to be painted on.

Lebendiges Wasser 03

Should I or not?

But to be honest, I needed a confirmation from God for this project and said, »God, I am available to you, but I need a confirmation for this project TODAY for me to know that you want me to do it.« Thus, I laid out two things before God,

1. I wanted a Yes from our team in Tondo, as I wasn't sure whether there was any space to hang such a big canvas … and …

2. ... I wanted to see the opening of the water pipe in our house in Tondo.

Until then, our house in Tondo didn’t have any access to water, as the water pipe was deliberately turned off by the authorities for reasons that had been dealt with weeks earlier. I was curious to see what was going to happen.

Lebendiges Wasser 04

This is so God

First, our Tondo team send word. Yes, there is space for such a painting. The leader of the team was so encouraged and wrote in his message that he read John 7 the very day when I sent my question. This scripture talks about Jesus, the living water. LIVING WATER – that’s the title of my painting, however, I hadn’t told anyone before!
Wasn’t that confirmation enough to start the project? Yes, but it only covered 50%. What about the water pipe?

In the evening of the same day, we received news that the water company had come to open the water pipe. Hallelujah! The water has been running since!

Lebendiges Wasser 05

I got so excited and thanked God for this wonderful confirmation. The very next day, I took my brush and tried to zestfully implement what I had prayed and seen in my spirit.


Now, the painting hangs at the living room wall in our house in Tondo and reminds us that HE is the LIVING WATER.

I continue to pray for water – not only due to practical reasons even though it’s badly needed in Tondo. I proclaim water, for I want to see that all of Tondo, which is known to be one of the poorest areas of Manila, to be filled and transformed by JESUS, who is the LIVING WATER.
Jeannine Sprecht (HELP Philippines, Manila)

About the artist

Jeannine is Swiss. Together with her husband David and their two daughters, she graduated from the REVIVAL SCHOOL in Lüdenscheid with the aim to go to missions long-term … that way the whole family went to Manila in 2009 where they live together with many young people. They love to demonstrate the love of God in action and to help them to embrace their destiny. Jeannine is the first contact for volunteers and outreaches. Her prophetic and artistic gifts enrich and inspire us – our community and our mission.

Lebendiges Wasser 06

About the painting

Technique: Acryl
size: 120 cm x 80 cm
The painting is hanging in our house in Tondo (the biggest slum of Manila).
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