Jessica, Selina, Johanna, Paul, Timo, Anna -  they are alle called to missions and each of them took some time out, left their home countries and went to one of our HELP bases in the nations to experience missions live ... Anna went to Manila!

Mission live Anna 03

It's always different

»My goal was to experience missions instead of always talking or dreaming about it. That's what happened during my three months' stay at the Father’s House - many ups and downs included. It was a very enriching time for me and definitely broadened my horizon. In the Philippines, I experienced that many things don’t work according to plans. Instead, things just seem to happen very spontaneously, which often challenges the German mentality. For example: »What are we going to do with the kids on the weekend?« Answer: »We can decide that on the day!« I learned to live more in the here and now instead of always being under stress, largely due to appointments that I have organised. Yes, life here is easier in many ways.«

Mission live Anna 04


»Being surrounded by people who speak another language, drove me further into God's arms and taught me to stay in an attitude of prayer and seeking the presence of God. I learnt to be more dependent on him and his love instead of relying on love and attention that I may receive from other people. In the Philippines, many people speak English, however in the Father’s House most day-to-day conversations were held in Tagalog and to begin with, I often felt left out. However, looking back I am very grateful because it made me spend more time in prayer.«

Mission live Anna 10

God - the good Father

»I also experienced God's goodness and provision for the first time. I wanted to spend four days at the beach but didn't know if I had enough money for that. I prayed about whether I should go or not and felt that I should book anyway, believing in faith that the money would come. The day before I left, I found an envelope with 2,000 Pesos in front of my door. When we finally paid for the hotel, we got a 20% discount. God is such a good Father!«

Mission live Anna 06

»Though one situation I learnt how important every individual is to God. After a long trip away, one of the children ran away from the Father’s House. We were all very sad and concerned. In my evening prayer time, I asked God to protect the child and bring it back home safely. I felt so desperate and couldn't find sleep. God spoke to me: »Yes, that's how I feel when one of my children runs away from me!« It was so special to experience a little bit of how God feels when one of his children turns away from him.«

Mission live Anna 05


»During my time at the Father’s House, I also had the opportunity to participate in two outreaches to Tondo. During these trips you see a lot of misery and brokenness. I learned that Jesus is the only hope and answer for this world and that it needs obedient people to take the Gospel to such places. We are the light of the world and we must go to the dark places to fulfill His destiny. It was also my first time to see many people, especially children, giving their lives to Jesus and I could see how hope suddenly was radiant in their eyes.«

Mission live Anna 08

You will be changed

»If missions is on your heart and are willing to accept the challenges that go along with it, then you are in the right place here. However, bear in mind, three months will go past very quickly. I recommend to all volunteers to stay six  months or longer. It will change your life forever and you will go home a different person than you came!«

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