Three years of praying and finally it happened! The Set Free Crew together with the City Mission Team of HELP Philippines went to Cebu to share Jesus and to worship Jesus. This outreach is a testimony of God's favor as He has poured out His provision over us. Favor in finances, by the government, churches, our hosts and even favor in the food that we ate.

We had the opportunity to minister to »drug surrenderees« in many parts of Cebu and Camotes Island. Sharing our testimonies on how Jesus set us free from addictions and spreading the message of hope that is found in Jesus.

Cebu 10

Revival behind Bars

There is an ongoing revival in prison, specifically in Cebu City Jail, which houses six thousand inmates. Prisoners get saved and find hope in Jesus. Most people do not want to associate with these brothers, but I am telling you, man, their hunger for God will inspire and minister to you. We also went to a smaller prison and shared our testimonies there.

Cebu 09

»I was surprised and amazed of what God is doing inside the prison. There is bible study in every prison cell, this is »cell group« in its purest form. During the worship time led by an all-inmates worship team, the presence of God was so strong. The place was packed with people full of hope in Jesus. We shared testimonies and encouraged the brothers, but in the end we were more encouraged than them. I saw people have to sit in prisons for years, and when they are released they can go as trained pastors, being a blessing for others and sharing hope!«

Cebu 07

Impacting Students

We also went to schools, as there are open doors to share the gospel. Many of these kids heard the gospel for the first time and listened attentively to us. We want to express to all the teachers our gratitude for giving us the opportunity to do evangelism in their schools.

Cebu 12

»To speak about drug awareness and their effects has been the door for us to share in the schools. While seeing the pupils and listening to the ongoing program, the Holy Spirit whispered to me, to speak up: »Don't limit yourself just because you grow up in a simple island, you're families’ resources are limited, and that fishing and farming is the only option. Nothing is impossible to our God. His ways are much higher than we can dream of or even imagine." I can only trust God, that some of the seeds that we have sown will make an impact on the students’ hearts and future.«

Cebu 05

Church Insights

We also had the chance to visit some churches in Cebu. What amazes us is how fired up they are in worshiping Jesus. In one of the churches that we went to, we were given freedom to do anything. Thus, we led worship, sang in tongues and worshiped in the Spirit ... we laid hands on the people and released prophetic words over them. We also attended a Sunday church service where one of us shared his testimony and eventually was invited to share it also in their youth gathering of about 200 young people.

Cebu 13


After days of ministry, we went to CHOP (Cebu House of Prayer) to join in a »harp and bowl« intercession. We also went to places and worshiped Jesus prophetically. Cebu belongs to Jesus and He reigns in this island.
These are just a few of the things that transpired in the outreach. All in all we shared the gospel to more than 500 people and more than half of them gave their lives to Jesus. Doors opened, we made contacts and preached the gospel.

»For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes ...« (Romans 1:16)


Cebu 03


We had the privilege to visit Darwin in Camotes Island, who successfully finished the Set free program last year. How thankful we were to see him reunited with his wife and family. We enjoyed a delicious dinner at their house and were able to ministered to many. Darwin is a co-pastor, is leading worship and sometimes he preaches. To listen to his mum, how she experienced Darwin before, his transformation was just a big highlight. Proud to know that he is a teacher in training and taking responsibility.

Cebu 06

Nine people saved in the City center
We worshiped in Plaza Independencia where we declared the Lordship of Jesus in this beautiful island. When we ministered to two precious young ladies, they gave their lives to Jesus and one got delivered from depression. We took a break and right after we went to Magellan's Cross and worshiped Jesus once again. I was surprised of the warm welcome we received from the people there. Even tourists were drawn by our worship! I grabbed the chance and shared my testimony and the gospel through the violin story upon which about seven people gave their lives to Jesus.

Cebu 08

The Ladies
Men were the big number in this team, and reaching out to prisoners and drug addicts the main task. As I prayed to join this outreach, I knew I should invest in some ladies, specifically into two I knew by name. So I prayed ahead of time, asking the Holy Spirit if I should bring them a gift or take some extra money along. One is pregnant so I felt to wrap some cute lilac baby socks in good hopes that it would be a girl. Good enough on our arrival date, the news spread, it’s going to be a girl. I was able to give her the little gift with a smile. Days passed and I had some brief talks, but was eager to have a good moment to ask some questions and to pray for two ladies. For one I was able to pray and prophecy after a church service. The other was very, very busy ... I already surrendered everything to God and said, I’d tried my best. »If not this time, you will have another way to reach out or bring other people into her life.« Finally, unexpected, on our departure day, I was able to minister to this Mama, hugged her and released God's love into her live. Not only to her, but to everyone who lives in that house. Once more, I want to trust the guidance of the Holy Spirit and do what he says.

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