When Jesus called people out of their individual life's situation to follow him (see Matth. 4:19), he did not require them to be educated or mature believers. He was not expecting them to know it all. He did not call them to join a church program. While following him and living IN RELATIONSHIP TO HIM, disciples get healed and equipped! But it takes courage and obedience to leave everything behind and to act upon his word.

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Arden's testimony

Arden is 24 years of age. He was a former drug addict and is one of the students of the present REVIVAL SCHOOL Philippines. He shares this:
»I grew up in Payatas, a garbage dump in a really poor family. We had nothing, I even didn't have any birth certificate. Because I used drugs with my friends, I was not capable to graduate from school. In order to earn some money, I worked as a jumper boy or a garbage collector and thought that I would live like this until the end of my life.«

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»BUT God had amazing plans for my life: Missionaries (staff from HELP International CMC and former drug addicts) came to the slum where I lived and shared the Good News and the love of God. Even though I was always high on drugs when they came, I felt the love of God and the presence of the Holy Spirit and was crying.«

Everything is possible with God

Due to these experiences, I wanted to change my life. I went to the Set Free Center (rehab of HELP International CMC) and found that I am valuable and my joy to worship God with all my life. I finished the rehab, caught up with my studies, finished high school, got a birth certificate and even a driver's license … and then I became staff at the Father's House. Now I am holding a brandnew passport, for God called me to the REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move and to go to other nations! I am thankful that God has changed my live. I am getting equipped, I am growing in my relationship to the Holy Spirit, and step into the vision that God gave me ...« EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH GOD!

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How about you?

In Februar 2018, we started the new term of the REVIVAL SCHOOL 2018 with five students coming from the Philippines and Mongolia. We are amazed at how they want to follow Jesus and discover their destiny and God's possibilities.

Join us and love Jesus like the first disciples did. Live together with us, get equipped and changed by the Holy Spirit's power. Become a witness and take the Good News to the streets and to the lost. Follow his call even to the ends of the earth.

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Pray with us for workers in the harvest and partner with us in sending out missionaries from the Philippines to all nations. »I see people rising up from the Philippines, boasting, proudly rejoicing in JESUS CHRIST alone and bringing his live-changing power to the nations! For God chose what in the world is foolish, weak, lowborn, insignificant, contempt and branded to put the wise and strong to shame, that He might dispose and bring to nothing the things that are, so that no mortal man can boast in the presence of God.« (Bibel quote from 1 Corinthians)

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