We didn't really know who our visitor would actually be and thought we just call her »Ate« (sister) Cynthia. That's what we usually do when women come to visit with us. However, when we encountered Cynthia we all just wanted to call her »Lola« (grandma) right from the start.

Divine appointment

God sent her to at the right right! She has been waiting and praying for over 20 years to come to the Philippines. God's ways are amazing and unique. We all were in awe at how he connected us and sent her our way. We spent lots of time in worship together, for Lola Cynthia popped right into our fasting and prayer week. Thus we couldn't even invite her to a nice meal ... as all of us were on a fast. Instead, we all were strengthened by God through Lola Cynthia, which was so good and needed!

Lola 10

Lola Cynthia

One of the most precious moments of her visit was, when Cynthia prophecied over our children and youth. It was very impacting for us as staff to actually discover what God sees in our children. He is so in love with everyone, he has so much passion for each ... so powerful!

Thank you so much, Lola Cynthia for visiting with us. Thank you for every hug and for lavishly pouring your love into us. Because of you some of us have fallen in love with Jesus again! Yes, you are awesome, sweet and a loving Lola to all of us. We are very much looking forward to seeing you again ... when you come back with »Lolo« (grandpa).

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