Day 3 of our Tondo outreach. Every week we go to this slum area and do outreaches. We have rented a small apartment to be able to stay for a couple of days - very close to the scene and to the people. We stay for three to five days for these »special outreaches«. It's quite a challenge to live in such an environment, to breath in that place ... but on the other hand it's such a privilege to be able to go and do what we are doing.

Day 3

Well, back to day 3 ... After we worshiped on the garbage dump, we were on our way back to the apartment, when suddenly we saw this man. He was all alone, left by family and relatives. All he owned was a hamock that was hanging between some trees in the back of some dirty yard. When we spotted this man, God spoke to us to go to him and share the Gospel with him. We love to do what God says!

For the one 03

We give what we have

What a precious experience to watch this man opening his heart for the Gospel message. We asked if he wanted to give his life to Jesus, and he wholeheartedly answered »Yes!«. Together we asked Jesus to come into his life and continued to pray for healing for his many wounds all over his body, in his soul and spirit. We noticed that this man literally didn't have anything - no food and no money to buy any. We gave him what we had on us.

For the one 05

The Gospel must be preached

Before leaving the place, we asked hm whether anyone else ever shared the Gospel with ihm - »No« no one ever did. No wonder God sent us to this man. Jesus left the 99 sheep to look for the one that had gone lost. It's devastating for us to loose something that's precious to us. How devasted must God be about a person being lost when he loved us so much that he even gave his only Son to die for us. We are so grateful that God has found us and that he uses us to find the lost in order to share the Gospel with them.
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