We are still perplexed about God's intervention!

A few months ago the financial situation of our ministry had gotten so serious, we were unable to pay our monthly credit rates anymore. This was the case even though we were regularly praying, fasting and holding up God's promises for weeks. Only as we, against common sense, started donating money into missions, everything changed. From different sources money started pouring our way. We were able to buy an urgently needed new laundromat, do expensive repairs and pay everyday bills. And God gave us the promise that the remaining credit on our house would be paid off until the end of 2020. Then we suddenly received a donation: the remaining 40.000€!!! Debt free! In one go!

Many of you have contributed the last 20 years with regular or one time donations, that the 500.000€ debt mountain is lifted away. THANK YOU for your help, friendship and generosity!

Our next faith-challenges:

95.000€ for energy-efficient windows instead of our old ailing ones
1.000€ for summer tires for our van
1.500€ for renovating our living room
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