Who cannot relate? To a deep yearning for health, freedom and well-being. The path there can be astonishingly simple at times.

Whoever walks in crooked ways burdens himself with guilt. When we try to repress our guilt it can weigh us down, which can lead to massive physical and mental illnesses. The process of inner healing starts with forgiveness, reconciliation und applied reparation. Even broken relationships get mended when we reveal our misdeeds and seek reconciliation with God and men.

After they heard the teachings many participants of the seminar directly applied what they had learned. They admitted their mistakes, asked God for forgiveness and fell decisions to fix their daily lives on a tangible level.

Walter Heidenreich

The well-founded teaching of Walter Heidenreich on inner healing is based on biblical truths and over 40 years of serving addicted and burdenened people. In his deep love for God and people he explained in simple and clear terms the path to healing and the solution to addiction.

Full House

With over 90 participants the House of Prayer was jam-packed. Beside people from Hungary, Germany, Greece and of course Austria, we even received groups of traveling visitors from Czech Republic and Switzerland.

Holistic Healing

God wants to restore us totally – our soul, spirit and body. So after they were prayed for, several testified how they were healed. A young man recounted how he was relieved of the severe pain he was suffering in his back, since he had been in a serious car accident. An elderly woman suffered of Polyneuropathy and was enabled to walk uprightly which had been impossible prior. A Czech man had persistent pain in his knee for months, but then it vanished and stayed gone even under strain. Thank you, Jesus!
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