Thank you, Walter and Irene Heidenreich! It is a privilege to know you and it was a special honor to welcome you in Vienna for a whole week. What God has done through you and your ministry worldwide as well as here in Austria is just breath-taking. Thank you that you respond uncompromisingly to what the Holy Spirit tells you to do. Thank you for sowing encouragement and love in Vienna time and time again.

Erweckung 07


At this year’s Austrian National Day, 300 Christians from Vienna gathered to pray for the country and our government. Walter led the congregation into prayer for revival in Europe. His ministry time ended with personal blessings especially for those pastors and leaders present and who are getting ready to be carriers of revival in Austria and Europe.

Erweckung 06

Apostolic Teaching

We invited people to attend a seminar at the IHOP Vienna (prayer house). Arne Schulz, Janina Mahrt and Irene Heidenreich led us to worship God in the freedom of the Holy Spirit and create this time together. Tengerin Doo worship (Mongolian for »Sound of Heaven«) created an atmosphere where the apostolic teaching of Walter Heidenreich fell into open hearts where it started to move and work. Everyone of the 100 participants was touched and encouraged by the power of God and his love. Two participants responded to the urging of the Holy Spirit and got baptized in our bathtub right on the spot ... And so much more happened ...

Erweckung 04

First hand experience

»The Holy Spirit touched me so deeply. For the first time in my life I experienced what it feels like to be a child.« (Heidi, 58 years old)
»I experienced the Holy Spirit's power and laughed so hard and passionately. A deep inner joy rose up within, which I haven’t had in many years.« (Irma, 24 years old)
»At Apostolic Teaching I experienced the Father heart of God and His love for me and other people so strongly. It released me to serve others in love.« (Julia, 27 years old)
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