We were full of excitement and anticipation towards the outreach of the REVIVAL SCHOOL Germany to Vienna. Finally they came ... seven cars and highly motivated: The whole REVIVAL SCHOOL - 21 students, seven staff and three toddlers. Immediatly the house was vibrating with life! How wonderful when the family get together with this one mutual goal: »Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven ... as it is in Vienna!«

Let it echo 05

The students were just ready - so ready. Prior to going on outreach to Austria they prayed and asked the Holy Spirit what he anticipated to do in those two weeks. Of course, we made plans and set a schedule, however, God then showed us very spontaneously where else he wanted us to go, where to worship, where to pray, etc. These two weeks were powerful and filled with great encounters!

The »Prater«

One thing the Holy Spirit spoke to the students, was to worship in Vienna's historical Ferris wheel - known as the »Prater«. We rented two cabines and more than 40 people went round and around while praying and singing prophetically over Vienna, blessing the city, its people and declaring God's presence and dominion!

Let it echo 04


»A white house above Vienna« ... another impulse. Okay, where is the house? When God says something like this, then he has a plan and who would know Vienna better than HIM? Together with the whole gang we went up to the Leopoldsberg - a lookout point over the city - and declared from there God's truths over the city. So powerful ...

Let it echo 08

IHOP Vienna

The REVIVAL SCHOOL students also supported us during our regular discipleship training at the IHOP Vienna. Many young Vienneses came, got encouraged and equipped. Some received the baptism of the Holy Spirit! Thank you, Jesus!

Let it echo 09

One great side effect: All these young Vienneses heard about the REVIVAL SCHOOL, for the students shared from their lives and what God has done, how he changed them ... Hearing such awesome and sometimes dramatic stories creates hunger for more and especially to experience this for yourself.


Besides the many worship and prayer outreaches, we also did two evangelistic outreaches taking the Good News of God's love to the people in the city. We are so grateful that through these outreaches people gave their lives to Jesus and invited him to be their Redeemer and Lord!

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