HELP-FCJG Vienna's annual jumble sale is legendary. We have been doing it for over two decades by now and belongs to us like the Prater to Vienna. Everybody is most welcome, and people love to come by ... for a chat or to bargain one or the other precious treasures we are selling. We are overwhelmed and every time surpised about how quickly our yard is filling up with »used items« in only a couple of weeks and days prior to the big jumble sale. Neigbours come by and deliver their treasures which we then sell. In the 10 hours during which our jumble sale is open, approx. 2,000 people float through our center and leave us with nothing left! What a blessing, for all proceeds go straight into our ministry.

Flohmarkt 06

However, the best is that in the midst of this great happening, many people have personal encounters with God. We prayed for innumerable. People were deeply touched by God's love. Those who came with pain experienced release and seven people gave their lives to Jesus. So awesome - thank you, Jesus!

So wonderful and so simple

»God broke my heart for Austria and the people of Vienna. Compelled by his love I felt an urge to pray and bless the people who came to the jumble sale. There were two teenagers in particular, 15 and 16 years old. I prayed for them and shared the Gospel message. Upon that, first the boy invited Jesus into his life and then the girl. Both were deeply moved in their hearts. So wonderful and so simple.« (Kevin)

Flohmarkt 03


»Suddenly there was this tall man - he was outstanding. Interested and in awe he watched at how Kevin prayed for a young man. I approached him and we talked. I shared Jesus and my testimony with him, and I could pray for him. He was so open and ready and gave his life to Jesus.« (Gianni)

Flohmarkt 04

Well of Healing

»We prepared a place at a well in our years; a oasis with two benches where people could take some rest, and all the time we had wonderful encounters there. Isabelle, an elderly lady from the neighbourhood, got healed of severe back pain. »I sense that you are connected to God«, she said afterwards full of gratefulness. Another elderly lady was free of stomach ache after prayer, and here knees were also better. Thank you, Jesus!« (Franz)

Flohmarkt 07

We specially want to thank the Wiedenhof team that came from Germany to support and help us - by lending a hand and in the spirit. You are awesome!
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