Christians from various churches in Vienna are having ONE desire: young people shall get to know Jesus and personally encounter him! Due to that we are gathering for prayer and organize the live venue of JESUSHOUSE VIENNA. We that's friends from protestant, evangelical, charismatic, catholic, Arab and African churches, from the ERF, YWAM, Baptists and Pentecostals. For five days, JESUSHOUSE was transmitted live from Vienna. Thousands of young people watched a great quality stage show via satellite and were reached with the Gospel message. Many heard the message of the cross for the very first time in their lives.

Jesus House 04a

More precious than the snow leopard

Throught the JESUSHOUSE week were wir on the streets every afternoon to invite young people to join JESUSHOUSE and to tell them about Jesus: A young lady from WWF heard for the very first time that she is more precious to God than the Mongolian snow leopard for which she was collecting money on the street. A student was deeply moved by a prophetic word which said that God sees her. Her boyfriend had just broken up with her. She was very open to hear about Jesus. Refugees from Afghanistan and from Iran came instantly with us from their accommodation to join JESUSHOUSE and to hear more about Jesus.

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Message from a coffin

We set up a coffin in front of vocational schools and preached a message from the coffin that only Jesus gives true life. On the university campus we talked to so many students and shared about our personal relationship with Jesus. On Saturday afternoon, hundreds heard the Gospel message by means of House, a flashmob and hip hop music. People were touched and moved by God's love and were very open to receive prayer publicly.

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Young people from different churches formed a community throughout the JESUSHOUSE week. They lived together for seven days. Every morning at 6:00 AM - before going to work, to the university or to school - we gathered to worship Jesus. In the afternoons we went to the streets, to universities, to refugee camps and to the railway station to share the love of God and the Gospel with people ... and in the evenings they took their (new) friends along to JESUSHOUSE.

Jesus House 05a


JESUSHOUSE was founded in 1998 and is a European, unique, inderdenominational event that is being run by several hundred Christian youth groups that invite young people to ponder upon the most important questions of life, about God and faith. proChrist e.V. (Kassel, Germany) is the main organizer of JESUSHOUSE. The stage program includesl ive music, interviews, clips, short messages by an evangelist and every time there is an invitation to everyone to give their lives to Jesus. This year's JESUSHOUSE event was followed via satellite by churches from Germany, Austria and Croatia.
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