In the winter season of last year, a group of students of the REVIVAL SCHOOL Mongolia went to Bayan Ulgii. This region is the most western of the 21 provinces of Mongolia and most of the population are Muslims of Kazakh descent.

In 1992, when Walter Heidenreich visited this country for the very first time with a team of FCJG to preach the Good News of Jesus, they first came to Bayan Ulgii. Back then there was much of the supernatural happening – healing, signs and wonders by the power of the Holy Spirit. A blind man got healed on the market place and after this many people received Jesus as their Savior. Later we were able to start a HELP base in this region.

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Now, in November 2018, a team of five set out to spread the gospel in Bayan Ulgii and to prepare this year’s summer outreaches. We would like to share with you what they experienced during this time.

Jesus loves the Kazakh people

Our outreach took 15 days and was full of adventures. For about 30 hours we traveled across rather rough roads. We struggled with harsh weather conditions (snow and wind) and more than once we had to push-start our van to continue. We were kindly received by Munkhuu and Ichko who have been in Ulgii since summer 2018 and are in charge of our ministry there. We really wanted to support them.

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During the first week we shared the Good News with people and climbed on a mountain to worship God. There, some people received Jesus as they experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit so strongly. We proceeded to Ulaan Had, where around 100 families are living with their herds. The village is close to the Chinese border, most of the people have never heard about Jesus, but were open and willingly to give their lives to Him. 

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Healing power in Altai

In Altai, we visited several families and preached the gospel. An old lady was sceptical: »It is good for the younger people to believe.« However, that was nothing for her! I noticed that she suffered with health issues, so I asked her and she complained about pain in her legs. I asked if I could pray for her and after some hesitation she agreed. I felt my hands getting very hot when I laid them on her knee. I encouraged her to walk around the room to check if her knee was getting better. She rose to her feet, walked around a little - first very hesitant but she became bolder and bolder. Finally, she began to weep and told us that for a very long time she hadn’t been able to walk without pain and needed help from others. The walking aid, she had used, wasn’t necessary anymore! A loving Father in heaven had mercifully healed her!«

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The story continues ...

After the Burning Hearts Mongolia event in the June 2019, we are doing outreaches in Mongolia and want to send teams to Bayan Ulgii to release the fire of the Holy Spirit. Did you get touched by our testimonies and has your heart caught fire while reading this report about what God is doing among the Kazakh people? Get ready and come - join us at Burning Hearts Mongolia and then go into the harvest of this world – maybe to Bayan Ulgii or wherever God will lead you to go.
Will YOU join?

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