We had an awesome time at the REVIVAL FIRE conference. Spiritual leaders and believers coming from 20 provinces throughout Mongolia gathered. There ware approx. 1,000 people attending the conference amongs them many visitors who only came on a day-to-day basis. Furthermore there were guest from Korea, Malaysia, Brazil, Germany, the USA, from the Philippines and from Kazakhstan. So much diversity all gathered in one place!

The wake-up call

The prophetic slogan »Mongolia shall be saved« was the bottom line and indicated that it was about much more than only a conference. We want to see that this nation is getting saved and keep on believing! This conference released a wake-up call among the Christians in Mongolia - we are already seeing Mongolian Christians courageously rising up for Jesus in their lives.


During the conference there was one part which released reconciliation between the generations. It meant a lot to the presently young generation to rise up for Jesus and stand for him in the future. There is a commission that Jesus has given all of us and it's so important that we walk side by side emphasizing the experience of the oder and the fire of the young generation!

We had the privilege to welcome international speakers to the conference and to embrace the treasures each imparted into the Mongolians. We saw the presence of God manifest in power and through signs and miracles - people got healed, they received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and got ignited by the burning love of the Father in heaven. A disciple of Jesus is someone who is doing the works of Jesus and to preaches and demonstrates the Gospel in power. The Mongolian Christians are conquerers and they are going to the nations to spread the kingdom of God. It's a privilege to live in times like these and having a share in equipping the people of God so it can go out and proclaim the Good News everywhere. God has called us to dream big dreams with him, to embrace his perspective and vision and to stand in faith. Therefore we are holding on to his promises over Mongolia and declare: »Mongolia shall be saved!«

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