True mission takes place in our everyday life, not only in events. Therefore, we are talking to the people in our area - when we go shopping, in restaurants or when waiting at the ticket booth of the subway. There are people everywhere and they are happy to be touched by God. We don't always hear about the impact that one encounter is making on these people.

Do you remember me?

Today, I was on my way back home from a very dry McDonald's bible study group. I was pondering on the question of how these people might break through in a greater dimension to the Holy Spirit, when suddenly a woman turned around: »Do you remember me? You used to visit the people of the old people's home in this street. My father became a Chrstian through you. He died, but all of our family is believing in Jesus now. Earlier we heard about Jesus from far-away family, but only through our father we were open to believe in Jesus ourselves.«

Unerwartete Frucht 03

Unexpected Fruit

How kind of God to encounter and encourage me by showing me this unexpected fruit! When I visited the father of this lady, I didn't have the impression that the meeting went very deep. In those days I also asked myself, of how more life and more of the Holy Spirit might impact these visits at the old people's home. God is the one who makes the seed grow and blossom. All glory and honor be unto him alone!
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