There are many sick people who come to us – sometimes they are severely sick. They are living on the street, hear about us and come in order to ask for help. First thing we always do is praying for them and telling them about Jesus. We have seen powerful miracles happening ... At the moment, one of our friends is suffering from a tumor and gets medical treatment. Due to his physical condition, he is not able to work and wanted to apply for social funds to support him. It's possible to get money from the government, however, the requirement is this: You have to submit the necessary documents and hand in the application to the right department ... otherwise you don't get anything at all. Well, I went with him to his place of birth in order to support him to take the right legal steps ...

Das kann keiner 03

In order to submit all documents, our friends had to ask his ex-wife to give him the family register. When they were still married, her husband was a gambler and because of his gambling he brought much misery to the family. Meeting at the local office, she didn't talk to him at all. However, I approached her and was able to break the ice. I was even able to pray for her. In the evening, she, her sister and sister-in-law came to the hotel. They came to see the new man with whom she once was married and who was not a gambler anymore but a Christian. There were hardly any words but lots of tears. The three women opened their hearts and I thanked God for what happened. No one else would be able to do anything like that!
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